BMR for 22nd Oct 2021 - Bitcoin retraction

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I hope no one was surprised by this? But for those of us that follow the price Bitcoin is climbing back up. I could go on and on and quote and quote but I am running behind this morning. Gotta do that offline work thing. So strait into it.

Hive: $0.7758 up 1.40% Another volume pump going on.

CUB: $0.4336 down 0.68%

Chia: $156.62 up 3.83%




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Have a great day all.


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How are you dear friend @bradleyarrow good afternoon
It was great to see bitcoin break its own record, it is a pity that its value has gone back a lot, when making this comment it is trading a little more than $ 61 thousand dollars
Have a wonderful weekend

Thanks, you also.


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