The Cost is Patience

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The Cost is Patience.png

It's been way too long since I've submitted an I Am Alive Challenge post, but it's #46 and I'm glad to be posting tonight right before I hit the sack.

Tomorrow, Thursday morning; I will be back at Orangetheory Fitness burning splats and it will be my fourth out of the last 5 days that I've began running after the hamstring injury.

I was unable to workout for about 3 weeks, went back and took it easy for 1 week and this week I have been back to normal without putting in too much speed in the running blocks.

What really has me excited is that after 2 years, my fiancé and I will be running a 5k this Saturday and it will be the third for this specific event that we have done and enjoy.

Because of the pandemic they had to cancel the run last year, but it's back!

This was the last medal we earned - I did the 10K that year in 2019:


The event is up to twelve years and we are about to do our third.

It is called the Central Florida Navy League's 12th Annual Wounded Warfighter Lone Sailor 5K /10K

The medals are always awesome. They change the every year and looking forward to adding it to our running events collections, which we still have some that we haven't hung up yet:


This year, I will only do the 5K; because we have a half marathon coming up later this month; which honestly will be a tall order to run in it's entirety. I've done it once before and fell short by a mile the time before that. I know I can do it based on history, but realistically with leg injury recoveries; it could be a challenge, but I'm ready:



Dealing with the pandemic, getting COVID, experiencing a hamstring injury, going on furlough and the list goes on; there is one thing that is evident - all that is good will happen if we remain patient. I've learned that through blood, sweat and tears.

Stay Safe Alive Tribe.