Building BBH for the 4th June 2023

If you have not noticed already BBH has a new logo.


Thanks to @adedayoolumide.

Building BBH 👷‍♀️

Screenshot_20230604_192802_Firefox Beta.jpg

Sexy growth chart. I think it is on Viagra.

Daily Earnings

Screenshot_20230604_192814_Firefox Beta.jpg

Top ten tokens holding for BBH today.

Screenshot_20230604_192839_Firefox Beta.jpg


Screenshot_20230604_192749_Firefox Beta.jpg

All in the positive.

BBH and I are Alive and Thriving.


May the tip and Splinters and positivity be with you.


Thanks for mentioned I'm really excited to be part of this project. Let keep spreading the word !BBH

@hive-112281! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @adedayoolumide. (3/5)

Absolutely and thanks for all your help 🙏

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