Splinterlands and BBH for 22nd September 2022

in #aliveandthriving11 days ago

My last Focus I got three chests.

Screenshot_20220922-201910_Firefox Beta.jpg

One really nice card there 👏

Same as last night inam already up to three chests but will I get any more play time?

I think Leo is having script issues as look at my markets screen shot.

Screenshot_20220922-210737_Firefox Beta.jpg

Lol. That would make me cry.

Building BBH

Screenshot_20220922-210752_Firefox Beta.jpg

At least that looks really fantastic.

Top ten tokens holding for BBH today. And it is empty. Lol

Screenshot_20220922-210808_Firefox Beta.jpg

I am alive and Thriving


May the tip and Splinters and positivity be with you