Progress Update - July Goals Hive, CTP, LEO and POB

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Having a target to aim for is one of the first steps to achieving your dreams.

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I established new monthly and year end goals. Here is the post reflecting the goals I will be tracking:

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Hive Target

In July, I targeted to increase my Hive Power by 45.2 Hive. This week I earned 8.356, totaling 18.8 increase so far this month. On track to meet my target.


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CTP Target

For CTP, July I targeted to increase by 1395.6 CTP. This week I earned 144.121, totaling 294.765 increase so far this month. At this rate, I will not meet my July target so I need to adjust.


POB Target

In July, I targeted to increase POB by 95.0. This week I earned 32.452, totaling 36.96 increase so far this month. This past week, I made up a lot of ground lost the first part of July.

LEO Target

For LEO, July I targeted to increase by 34.5 LEO. This week I earned 1.93, totaling 2.02 increase so far this month. During the past few days, I have started to participate in the LEO Market Chat. This should drastically improve my earnings for the rest of the month. This target is still in jeopardy if I do not engage on a daily basis.

ALIVE Target

In July, I targeted to increase ALIVE by 1248.8. This week I earned 412.69, totaling 644.493 increase so far this month. This past week, I made up a lot of ground lost the first part of July. If I maintain this pace, I should reach my ALIVE target.

I believe targets should be a stretch to reach and not just something easy to achieve. I must admit, my targets are keeping me on my toes pushing me each and every day. A goal is not meant to be easy to reach. These targets that I have set for myself will push me so I can be successful not only in the near-term but also in the long term.


If anyone has any suggestions that would assist toward my growth, please let me know in a comment below.



Personally, I'm doing something similar with @MyHiveGoals and it brought me a lot of benefits... As you said, having goals in front of us is a big motivating factor!

Thanks for inspiring others to follow your lead...

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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I have found that if I create and share a goal, I am more likely than not to ensure I put the effort out to meet the goals. Sometimes however there are other things I also want to accomplish but since I did not create a goal to achieve it, it falls by the wayside. I need to make sure I have goals to cover all of my priority items.

Great to see you keep crushin it David, and that you keep pushing your limits.


One suggestion I have for you is to post using the LeoFinance front-end. There is no burn tax if you do so and I don't think CTP has any burn tax. Some of the communities can get a bit crazy like STEM with a 50% burn tax.

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@darmst5339 awesome targets - I have to get a similar game plan going. My targets are more one-offs, but yours are way more organized.

I push on my goals similar to how you push in your workouts but mine are a lot less painful...LOL

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