BMR for 4th Sep 2021 - I slept through one dollar Hive!

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Yes, you know, I have to lead with the top story, and Hive broke the $1.00 mark while I slept. It hit a high of $1.13 while I slept. It is hovering around the $1.00 mark as I write this.

One of the last things I did last night before bed was read a post by @dragosroua The Case for $8.00 Hive. Highly recommend you read it. I think it was bang on but in a comment I made, I believe that the $8.00 mark might come a lot sooner than most people think.

I was predicting $1.00 Hive in 3 months, the end of the year. We blew past that with almost 3 months to go to the end of the year. The question now is, is there any speculation going on with Hive as with most other coins/tokens or is this all economics? I am assuming and hoping it is all economics, supply and demand, the demand is out pacing the supply. dragosroua made reference to Hive being take off exchanges. We all know the Splinterlands effect.

So, yes, waking up this morning, seeing what Hive did while I slept, I fully believe that the little comment I made on dragosroua post about 8 dollar hive: It will be sooner than most of us think or believe.

I had to adjust my selling point for BBH. I think it is the first adjustment I made since the 3rd July when Bitcoin was at $34623 and Hive was at 0.3463. So BBH was set to 0.001.

Now with the set today with Bitcoin at $50147 and Hive at 0.9792 I have set the BBH price to 0.00051. And depending on what Bitcoin and Hive do on price I may have to change it again.


This is Day 20 of my CTP Content Challenge.

To the rest of my weekly graphics and then daily for the BMR.


In my readings it looks like the new resistance for Bitcoin is the 51K mark.


Growing pains?


Chia for me is expected with a new coin.

Now for my six tokens I report everyday. I have to say the graphic at a glance might be miss leading. Read the numbers. With the giant rise in hive and the tokens paired to hive things can looked skewed when looking at the FIAT part.








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It really came as a surprise. I never expect it to reach that amount so soon it's really a nice improvement and progress

The quickness as you said is a surprise bit not the fact that it got there.


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work