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When we think about a Shell we think about an outer layer

This could be the outer layer that hosts a sea creature or an outer layer that forms an egg, either way a shell is a safe and secure space for growth to happen, it is in essence a container that protects up to a pint that the entity within out grows it.

So much like when building a business, whether it be online of offline, we first require a foundation to be able to build onto, something that is structurally sound and secure so that it can tackle the weight of the business we are about to build.

We then need to create the shell of the business so that we have set constraints to fill while creating all the other aspects of the business.

This shell allows us to restrict ourselves so that we don’t start too far away; it helps protect us so that we can consolidate what we have envisioned without straying. It allows us a boundary in which to create.

The shell is a very important component of creating a business as it will allow us to determine structure and what is needed to fill that space up.

We should not even consider expanding outside of that shell until such time as we have outgrown it, this way we maintain a solid structure that will sustain any future growth that is needed.

Much like the sea creature that finds a shell to grow into, once it has outgrown its current protection, it then moves onto a bigger shell for further growth, each time ensuring that it has a protective coat that will afford as much protection as possible whilst growth can happen.

Think of your business like the sea creature, needing a home, needing a space where it can grow successfully without too much outside influence breaking the barriers and wreaking havoc on what’s inside.

Growth can happen when consolidation has been achieved and growth can happen when new boundaries are set once old boundaries have been achieved. Without consolidation havoc will ensue and growth will be inhibited


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