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What sort of Kit do you have

Again this is a word that gets used in many different contexts, Kit can refer to something you may use for a specific purpose, Tool Kit, Backpacking Kit, Camping Kit, Dooms day Kit, what sort of kit are you wearing, etc.

For me the most important kit is my tool kit, of which I have a few, I have a tool Kit for mechanical work, I have a tool kit for carpentry work, I have a tool kit for sculptural work, I have a tool kit for painting, I have a tool kit for writing and I also have a tool kit for digital work.

My Mechanical kit consists of Spanners, Pliers, wrenches, WD 40, jacks, wire, brushes etc. My tool kit for Carpentry work, consists of Saws, Trellis’s hammers, nails, glue, chisels tape measures benches etc. My tool kit for sculptural work consists of chisels, saws, wire, furnace, and metal, welding tools, clay, plaster and sand.

My tool kit for painting consists of canvas, timber, pliers, staple gun, paint brushes, paints, scrapers and a stock pile of inspirational material,

My tool kit for digital work consists of Camera, Computer, software, inspiration.

As you can see we can often have many tool kits that consist of specialist tools to undertake the job, and this can also apply to a very good business structure

A good business will have specialist people to undertake specialist tasks within the business.

Having people that can undertake special functions within a business will prevent a business from stretching itself thinly. Yes it is important for everyone involved to be able to multi task and know all facets of the business; however a business needs to identify that there are different roles involved in a successful business and designate people to undertake those different roles.

For a digital business, you require a minimum of three people to really push the business into a successful future without overworking one individual

A developer is essential, a Designer is essential, a front person is essential, a support person is essential and an inspirer is essential.

All of the tasks can be undertaken by one person, however I have found that if only one person undertakes all the role, things can get missed, the business can slot into a rut quite easily and will stop developing for the future. Time gets dissipated and tasks get half done, which ultimately presents a half hearted business that will not develop at the rate it should.

Just like the multiple tool kits you may have that have special tools for special tasks, so to should your business look at designated roles. Don’t use the chisels you have in your sculpture kits for any carpentry that you undertake and don’t use the pliers you use for your painting kit for any mechanics that you undertake.

Prevent your business from breaking and use the right tools for the right job


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Great post Russell. Having a good toolkit for our online work is important.

Yeah, the whole do more with less philosophy doesn't always get good results. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

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This one single post made me think more than all the other 30-40 that I read today, it's different, it's something else. My thanks go to you and then to LN, you'll see more of me around. 😉

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