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Numerous times in my life and my career I have been the spokesperson for a particular project, business and or group.

I have sat on many committees and been the person that has spoken on behalf of those groups as well as being an advocate for groups, businesses and also individuals.

Being a spokes person means that one must be accountable for what is said, be on par with what is being said and be accurate with what is being said determinate on the group that it is being said ion behalf of.

Being a spokesperson carries a lot of responsibility, you are the one up front, the one saying things and the one under scrutiny by others as to your accuracy and validity. You are the one that is not only the spokesperson but will also be the scapegoat for those wishing to oppose or discredit.

Being a spokesperson put you on the line; it is your reputation that is at stake when speaking on behalf of others.

This is why if you are going to be a spokesperson for Groups, businesses and or Individuals that you are doing it because you believe in it and not for any other reason. If you have a firm belief in what you are up front expounding to, then it will genuine, accountable and accurate.

If you have a personal belief and connection then not only are you the spokesperson for others but also for yourself as it is on a subject matter that is relevant to you and has a personal connection to your own experience and view of the world

Don’t involve yourself with anything that you may have doubt about, unless that doubt is addressed prior to you getting up front and speaking on behalf of.

If you purport to be a spokesperson for a group or cause and actually have no connection with a group or cause, not only will you tarnish your own reputation but you will also tarnish the reputation and direction that that cause may be taking.

Never claim to be speaking on behalf of if you have not been given explicit permission to be the one speaking on behalf of.

Eg: I could never claim to be a spokesperson for a certain movement, if I was not a member of that movement, had a firm connection and belief in that movement, had a complete understanding of what that movement is about and had explicit permission to speak on behalf of.

We often see and hear people speaking and claiming to be speaking for this or that, and yet they have not a clue as to what this or that is genuinely about and they do more damage than good when making such claims.


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