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Steel is manmade and is an alloy of Iron and Carbon, and like most experimental compositions, China is most credited with being the first producers of Steel in the 3rd Century AD which methods were popularised during the Industrial Revolution in the west

However there are records of steel production way before that historical record, in fact at there is a great timeline of the creators and creation of Steel and can be traced back over 4000 years.

Steel is a very hard Alloy and is not prone to buckling or warping, yet it can chip. Once discovered it was seen as an excellent replacement for Flint in the use of Knives and weaponry. We now use it for all sorts of purposes and it is still a very sought after construct

I bring this up because way back when someone first discovered Steel or for that matter first discovered anything new, it was often by accident or by conscious decision to try something new. When we try something new we often will discover something new as well.

It is the deciding to add a new element, taking a different turn, doing something differently that allows us to discover new things and then our choice to implement. It is the choice to implement that plays a big part, this is where we need to be able to replicate the accidental that we just stumbled across.

I imagine the accidental of steel came about when working with Iron and it fell into a hot fire pit fused with the burning wood that was so hot it was gaseous and formed a hard lump when cooled, that hard lump would have seemed quite strange not being as malleable as the iron it started from. Then comes the innovation to be able to mould the Steel and shape it and utilise it for all sorts of things, the fact that it could be sharpened and shaped would have taken great courage and innovation.

It is the great courage and innovation that allows us to progress things in our lives and our businesses. Without the knowledge of what caused the creation of the tool that we can now utilise to our benefit we would often see great innovation slip through our hands.

So even when we come across that accidental new result to something, make sure that you document the process to your best ability, then attempt to replicate it using those notes, if replication is possible then implementation can be activated and the innovation no longer becomes accidental.

Remember with great knowledge comes the ability to make change, without Knowledge we are just stumbling about watching things wiz by us at a great rate of knots never to be grasped again.


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Thank you for this.
I'd surely make sure to document every discovery I make because knowledge is power.

And this is why I love Listnerds, to find interesting stuff like this to read! Stuff I would read in real life from a History magazine. Thank you!

Hello @brando28 - Glad you enjoyed the read, its one of the great things I like about the HIVE Community there are many great things out there and the #justonething initiative is great to offer one word prompts to write about

@brando28! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @russellstockley. (1/10)

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I never heard that story about the invention of steel. Thank you! I learned something new today. 🙏

Hi @stdd - It was a really bice concise timeline to find, of course by a Steel provider :)


Thanks for all that information. I learned a lot about steel.