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For some people a Twitch may be some sort of tick, an involuntary spasm that has no real cause except maybe neurological.

Or it can be a tool used to help control a Horse, somewhat controversially but a tool none the less

For me Twitch is a Community networking platform that has all sorts of weird and wonderful people that live stream various activities. Some people stream chats, some games, and some actual lessons in how to do various activities such as using software, gardening, playing splinterlands, building houses, etc etc and so on and so on.

So very much like you can use YouTube University to find recorded videos on how to do things and watch people do all sorts of activities. Twitch is a platform where, yes you can have the recording, but mainly for live streaming.

I first discovered Twitch in 2020 when the world was thrown in COVID, I was looking up something to do with a game I was just starting to play and discovered a community of English Comedians that use Role Play Servers. I had hours of hilarious interactions with the community and have stuck with them since.

The sense of community and the support they were offering all those that became involved was outstanding, caring and ongoing. All were in COVID Lockdown and seeking ways of communicating with each other and interacting.

The comedy was and still is Gold and the community is very tight knit. This is just one example of many communities ion Twitch and many I have discovered.

I must also add that most of the comedians I encountered on Twitch were also looking for ways of continuing receiving an Income and for many it was and still is quite successful

One person I particularly follow has approx 1800 monthly subscribers I have not see this number decrease in two years only increase, Now 1800 doesn’t sound like much but when they are all paying approx $4 a month subscription, it adds up to a very tidy supplement to their income and for some their Annual income

COVID certainly opened up many opportunities for interactions via technology and the industrious amongst us found some really good platforms for doing so. Those of us that have stayed with the times have also been able to utilise some of the more developed platforms as a way of networking and staying in touch as well as sustaining a supplemental income if not our only income.

So when you get the itch don’t let it twitch, jump on the band wagon of your choice and become part of a community that is well meaning and genuine.


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