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We have a Ceiling repairer in our day office at the moment, I was just watching him and as he removed 1 ceiling panel, a phone book (remember those things, big fat thing with lots of pages with text so small you couldn’t read it anyway) fell out. Initial reaction was to laugh at such an odd thing to be up in the ceiling panel. But then I thought about it a it more and realised that at some point of time someone came up with an ingenious idea to put the book up there.

A bit of history to place this into context. The ceiling panels that were being removed are in a stairwell, and when the wind blows up the stair well it makes the ceiling panels flap. I can only thing that someone thought ‘If I put a big fat phone book up in the panel the weight would stop it flapping.

Ingenious and utilising things outside of the square to resolve an issue.

So, if we look around us and utilise things outside of us to create new things then we are being innovative, and innovation stands out, innovation is what gets noticed

When creating your promotional materials to advance your business. Look at the way that others are doing this. Do some research at some of the most successful companies that there are and look at what is working for them

Utilise the strength of the millions of dollars that business spend on researching what works and what doesn’t.

Look at the supermarkets, especially the shelves at eye level. Look at the colour schemes, lettering styles, shapes, images. These are prime material used in prime spaces for maximum impact.

All of these materials can be used to give you inspiration. You don’t have to look far.

I am not advocating plagiarism in any shape or form, but I am advocating that all of these spaces and places have great material for inspiration, that have already been extensively researched. Why not utilise the outside world to deliberately influence the directions we take.

We are not (well most of us) Million Dollar companies. But that does not mean that we cannot have the benefits of Million Dollar research.

I love the world for this and so should you.

Look a bit deeper at what we experience every day and you will be surprised what you see.


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