Other remnants of the past - hotel and theater of Dimitrovgrad

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Every time I pass by this hotel, I feel kind of strange.


You might think that this is just an ordinary building. Pretty boring, at that. That it's just an ordinary hotel.
But this is not so.


You must have guessed that now I will show you something else from this artificially created city of Dimitrovgrad. A city that is built according to a plan and everything in it has its own precise place and its own precise and special meaning.

And with that being said, everything had to be and was done in the perfect way.

But in the case of the hotel, it seems to me that the architects were asleep. Or they were drunk or something. 😄

What do I mean?


Of course my brain will again try to handle familiar images and memories. And I think of my hometown. My hometown is smaller than the one I'm showing you, but the layout is quite different there. I am not saying that all cities must be "laid out" in exactly the same way, but I am suggesting that there is some standard that is more or less adopted by city architects and followed for the convenience of citizens.


In my hometown, for example, the hotel was built in the absolute center of the city, on the main and largest square, and in front of it was a garden and a supplementary square, which made it easy to access, made it visible from afar, but also made to look majestic.


This is not the case here. The hotel, the main hotel of the city, is located in the center, yes. But it is located on the main and constantly busy street, without square access to the central entrance. No view of it. You might not even notice it if you walk past it.

This is the side of the building along the main street.

Of course, the building has its peculiarities, such as the fact that it forms a common entity with the city's theater, also located on the main street.

Above you see the building shown from the theater side.

And the entrance to the theater itself.


Monument to this great artist, after whom the theater is named - Apostle Karamitev. Unfortunately, he died very early.
You can see from the inscription that the city's Rotary Club had a hand in the creation of the monument.


And here is another pompous communist inscription left on the facade of the theater, in honor of: "the enthusiasts who on May 5, 1957 in Dimitrovgrad laid the foundations of the organized film lovers' movement in socialist Bulgaria".


But let's get back to the hotel, which is the main topic of this post.

I actually like it. It is another representative of the Stalinist architecture ruling in this city - clean and monumental. Beautiful in the simplicity of the detail and its geometric shapes.


Check out this simple 3D neon sign from the past, reading "hotel" in Bulgarian language. Remained intact.
I totally love it.


Or the other three-dimensional signs denoting "restaurant" and "cafe" in the hotel building.

I wish I could peek into one of the rooms in this hotel. But I'm pretty sure that's impossible because it no longer functions as such. This can be seen even from its main entrance, where there are inscriptions of company offices. Perhaps somewhere in the history museum can be found a photo of the interior of the hotel as it was after its construction.
That wasn't all that long ago. But it means an entire era for the Bulgarian people.
An era that is supposed to be irretrievably gone. And never come back.

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Hello dear friend @soulsdetour good day
What you say is true, even here in Argentina, and especially in the cities of the interior of my province, the main hotels are located on the main street and in front of a huge square
I appreciate that you introduce us to another iconic building in the city
Have a happy start to the week

So this means I am not far from the truth in my constant research into human psychology, life and culture. And sometimes it turns out that everything is international - it is unified at the world level. Unbelievable! 😃
Thank you for the comment and have a great week yourself, dear @jlufer!

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Some past glory, I can tell.
Thanks for bringing me back in time with your personal perspective! :)


I can imagine how proud the city was - its founders, governors and residents, of this yet another Stalinist building. These things can still be felt today. And that helps a lot to quickly and easily transport a person to the past. 😃

I believe these times had been brute-force embedded into the genes of the local people. Many more years will be needed to free the minds :) I hope, not that much though...


Brute-force for some. For others - everything was wonderful and fully corresponded to their value system and understanding of life. In fact, I intended in this post to write again about the great local poet Penyo Penev, who was found dead in a hotel room in this same hotel when he was only 28 years old. This historical fact was the reason for this post in the first place, but in the end I decided not to write about it.

Oh, I see. Now I am looking forward for your post (and research) about that famous poet!


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Buildings in the past have always had their own distinctive style and are always interesting to see

Yes, buildings of the past always carry within them the life of the past, apart from the specific architectural style to which they belong. Reaching out to them always gives a lot. From an emotional, even energetic point of view.

Yes, but on the other hand why old buildings are always haunted😅

It's exactly because of that - they carry pieces of the past, which can even be perceived as living things.

Ya, they do exist beside us just that we don't realize it

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