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It's a new work week.. happy Monday πŸŽ‰ I was up early and was correct about the receipts this morning. πŸ˜‚ sadly, I will need to get up early again tomorrow.. receipts unclaimed again this afternoon. I think the delivery staff went home right away as the sky was overcast. It looked like rain. Seems a lot of folks do not fancy the rain except me 🀣


I'm getting ahead of myself, however. The rain story comes later. πŸ˜‚

Alive&Thriving Wishful Monday : Another craving satisfied

My assistant Jenny was traveling to her mom to accompany the latter for some purchases. She dropped by to buy some items for me -- banana leaves for the guinea pigs (it's finally available! But there will be price increase from hereon), a loaf of bread (I prefer bread over rice), and a different kind of pizza (I call them the cheaper pizza).


It's more bread than dough and is really soft. Although the brand I'm familiar with is called 3M Pizza, it seems there's a newer brand that offers a similar type of pizza. This is the brand that my assistant is familiar with. I had her buy two and gave her one box. It's around 140PHP (around $2.38). That's way cheaper than ones from PizzaHut. I remember that in my younger days, we used to order this cheap pizza and have it delivered to our old home. The store was like 15-20 minutes away. Those were the days before smartphones or delivery apps were around. Alas, I'm glad that memories of the good ole days somehow still make me smile. 😏

Onwards to my #LarryIsAlive quest...


Let me recap my quest for today... (6/6)

LN - daily goal completed for the challenge πŸ‘ weekly now at 26%. will 13 mails a day allow me to complete it too at the end of the week? πŸ€” I think I will need a little more though...

CTPX - daily run completed and I found one win from yesterday πŸ™Œ

LL - daily surf and convert completed πŸ‘ less than thirty cents to reach $10 but I will go for a little more to cover the fees..

TAB - minimum daily surf plus a little more gave me 908 points. I actually missed my stop so I reached 31 sites 🀣

FAFY - reached 620 reward points today. I did an extra activity too. I'm getting nearer my target for the month..

ITB - completed my five shares again today πŸ‘

screenshots from my quest can be found below...




>>> What's new? : Check out CTPX










Infinity Traffic Boost


Just when I gave up hoping for some rain (didn't rain the past two days), it poured really hard in the early evening as I finished feeding the outdoor kitties. 🌧 I felt so happy that I literally cried tears of joy. πŸ˜† The weekend was fine as I usually treat myself to some cooling anyway, but I'd like to save on utilities more so I've been praying for more rain every day. πŸ™β€οΈπŸ’‘


Who wouldn't find more peace if you'd be paying less bills, right? πŸ˜‚ Kidding aside. I'm just glad it's the rainy season and somehow praying for rain makes it more feasible to happen. It's strange that we don't have any typhoons anywhere near. It used to come in droves that suspension of classes would happen week after week. Again, that was in the good ole days. Clearly a lot has changed over the past years. Life may no longer be as good as it used to be. At least I have good memories to cherish. (That explains my food cravings that happen once in a while. Some memories come with good food I guess.) 😏


It's a wrap for today. Have yourself a fantastic work week! Nighty night from Manila. See you on my next post tomorrow. Ta-tah! πŸ‘‹


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I love the rain too, especially when it rains at night.

The rain can be so considerate that it rains and stops, this is the type of rain i love though.

Not the little prolonged drops all day.

Glad you finally got the banana leaves for the guinea pigs.
And some memories pizza.

Let's enjoy the new week.

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