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Hello everyone and welcome back. Can you believe I attempted and completed another no-buy or do without during October? The NO-BUY month started on October 1st and ended on October 31st.

MY GOAL: Save 10% of my monthly budget = $300

During October, I set my own rules as to what I was allowed to buy or not buy during the month with three major changes from my September No-Buy challenge:

  1. Reduction in the percentage to be saved from 40% to 10%;
  2. Allowed purchases of holiday gifts;
  3. Allowed purchase of 1 silver or gold coin or collectible item.


  • Food - only dairy, bread, produce, and 3 gallons/each (Blue Bell Ice Cream).
  • Essential toiletries and housekeeping replacements. This should be minimal.
  • Essential repairs or replacements. (currently working on much needed repair projects)
  • 1 takeout each week.
  • 1 silver or gold coin; or collectible purchase
  • Postage.
  • Travel and fuel.
  • Holiday gift purchases.


  • No new financial or crypto investment.
  • No pantry storage stock items for family members.
  • No shop-bought non-essential sweets or other treats.
  • No ready-to-eat cereals.
  • No ceramic antiques, trading cards, comic or other books.
  • No new regular clothing, garments, or shoes.
  • No office furniture, or regular furniture.
  • No household items.
  • No new magazine or other subscriptions.


My normal monthly budget categories.


Here is the breakdown of my monthly spending report for October:

Expense% of Monthly BudgetDollar Amount EquivalentActual Spent
Entertainment15%$450 equivalent in monthly spending$200
Investments10%$300 in investments (including crypto)$100
Savings10%$300 in savings$100
Holiday Purchases$400
GoalSave 10% (or $300)$1,200$1,000
Actually Saved approx 6%$200.00



  1. $200 - Entertainment (take-out food);
  2. $100 - Investment (saved to purchase 2021 silver coin)
  3. $100 - Savings transfer offline
  4. $200 - Other-Assistance helping family members;
  5. $400 - New/replacement holiday decor. Last year's decor unusable. Also purchased holiday gifts.



The major change from my No-Buy challenge in September was that I allowed purchases of holiday gifts and 1 silver or gold coin or collectible purchase.

Also an unexpected emergency with a family member in need of financial assistance made an impact on my goal. The amount was more than I had budgeted; however, I was happy to help in that situation and relieved I had the resources.

I had planned to utilize my 10% no-buy savings to invest in cryptocurrency. I've decided to invest an amount in @cublife's monthly buy-in before the 21st of November.

Thanks @shanibeer for this experience.

I actually didn't reach my goal of saving 10%. However, saving 6% is still admirable, and I'm proud of myself for attempting the challenge again in October and completing it.
What do you think of my second attempt at the No-Buy Month experience? Have you ever attempted any challenge such as this? If so, I'd like to hear about it.

@flaxz initiative #alive and #aliveandthriving (Published my evaluation of the October No-Buy Month Challenge)


Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.






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congratulations friend this is a season where we all want to save, however I think we should make the habit of saving all year round and thus be able to enjoy the benefits, good luck, stay alive, nice post

Hello. Thanks for visiting. Yes, saving is a habit that should be conducted all year. I do this faithfully. However, the Saturday Savers Club is a special group. In it there are changes to be involved with different challenges. I chose to join their Autumn Savings Challenge to save a specific amount each week. This is in addition to any other savings either online or offline.

Why not check out the Saturday Savers Club on the @eddie-earner's account. This is an awesome group of Club members who save daily with the 365 Penny-A-Day Challenge. You are essentially saving something every day of the year. Additionally, on Saturday the members meet to engage and support each other in their savings and investment plans.