All my Forest Life Journals so far

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It's been a while since I begin posting with this format, bringing to you as close as I can with the resources I have at the present moment to my forest life experience.

As a thank you for all the support I've received on this journey from the Hive community, I have created this curated collection so you can easily find these posts and perhaps go back to something you wished to remember. As I gather more of these I will make specific collections for plants, construction, or plain blogs where I talk about my personal experience.

I also noticed I've made it to 70 reputation which I think is a nice achievement because I spent quite some time at 69, so it seems to me that this proves a level of consistency and dedication which I'm glad to be experiencing.

My first attempt at a rocket stove made out of mud

Harvesting a variety of seeds from the garden

Another attempt at a rocket stove looking to improve efficiency

Fixing my normal stove with cob

Using medicinal plants to heal from a wisdom tooth infection

Thoughts on how it's the little things you do daily what build up the mass of your work

A few experiments in the kitchen to take advantage of the abundance of plums (it says prunes but plums was the right word haha)

Making a greenhouse without buying anything (only forage and recycle)

Tips and tricks to integrate thistle into your diet

A DIY tool to make harvesting rosehips easier

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me through this journey. There are too many people to tag them but you know who you are, whether it's through your time and energy or having me on your auto-vote list, I appreciate it all.

Enjoy the collection. Always eager to read your comments, till next time!


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