WeAreAlive engagement report #01 | 5 curated posts

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I have been actively participating in the WeAreAlive Tribe and community for the past several months. Every day I am reading the posts of other members, sharing on Twitter and curating them. Here is my first curated content collection (CCC) for the tribe with the #alive tag.



Jlufer (@jlufer) shared his view about promoting hive to other social media, especially to Twitter. He also talked about the POSH token. We can earn this token by sharing any hive link to Twitter but before that, we need to register at https://hiveposh.com. He is also a dedicated community member in the WeAreAlive Tribe and community. He is actively curating posts and comments in the community. It was his 445 uninterrupted submission in the I am alive challenge contest.


Mark (@sharkthelion) had a chance to visit a Zoo with his family today. Although he wasn’t comfortable with all the animals being locked up, he enjoyed the day with his wife and kids. He also enjoyed the train ride in the Zoo. Towards the end, he shared about his Splinterlands rewards.

Edgerik (@edgerik) shared in his 78th participation in the I am alive challenge post that he is very happy. Because the Venezuelan athletes won a Gold medal in the triple jump. It is also a world record now. And it was raining so much that he couldn't go out.


Maylena (@maylenasland) shared a picture of her with a cat in her lap. She was in a pet adoption event where she works as a volunteer from time to time. She loves animals too much and is raising three cats in her household.

Farhad Kias (@imfarhad) was able to finish the Click Track Profit’s scavenger hunt. He is an active surfer of various traffic exchange sites. He also did other online tasks such as watching cricket matches. Yesterday it rained heavily at his place.

Probably, you are wondering about the Tribe I am curating in! Okay, wait no more. Have a look at the tribe.

According to Tribaldex, the current price of ALIVE token is 0.03012100 hive and $0.0116176

WeAreAlive tribe: An active and promising tribe on Hive

Do you know that we have an active community (We Are Alive Tribe) or tribe (WeAreAlive) on the Hive blockchain, and it is easy to participate? You have to just tell the world that you are alive. Follow these easy steps mentioned in the following image and/or visit here

image credit goes to @flaxz

This tribe has its token known as ALIVE token. Meaning, by participating in the tribe (or community), besides $hive, you can earn ALIVE token as well in your Hive-engine (H-E) wallet. You can earn ALIVE tokens in the following ways:

  • As Author rewards: From your posts with #alive tag and quality & meaningful comments, upvoted by the community account and top ALIVE token holders.

  • As Curation reward: If you stake the ALIVE token in your H-E wallet, you can curate other members posts/comments and earn ALIVE tokens. The reward is split 50-50 between the author and curator.

  • By Mining ALIVEM tokens: You can buy ALIVEM tokens in the H-E and stake. This mining token will give you ALIVE tokens. In this tribe, the price and availability of the mining token are kinda different. Currently, 1000 ALIVEM is in circulation and anyone can buy with 5 hives each. For the next 1000 ALIVEM, the price will be double (10 hives) and it will keep doubling for every subsequent 1000 ALIVEM. So, if you want to buy the mining token, now is the time. About ALIVEM

  • By getting tips: You can get 0.1 ALIVE tokens as a tip for every meaningful comment in the community or tribe. The token holders can distribute the tips.

  • By taking part in the contest: The person behind the tribe/community is @flaxz. Currently, he is arranging a weekly contest where you can get ALIVE tokens if you stake your token in the H-E wallet. About the contest

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You are welcome.

Same wishes for you.

You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.