WeAreAlive engagement report #09 | Five curated posts

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I have been actively participating in the WeAreAlive Tribe and community for the past several months. Every day I am reading the posts of other members, sharing on Twitter and curating them. Here is my ninth curated content collection (CCC) for the tribe with the #alive tag.


Awah (@awah) made his first post for the #alive tribe. He talked about his recent birthday celebration and quality family time in a Turkish restaurant. He also shared an important philosophical aspect of our life. Check it out.

The Venezuelans have some good news regarding this COVID19 pandemic. Edger (@edgerik) has shared in this post that they have received a batch of Sputnik V COVID19 vaccines. And also, they are going to receive the first supply of vaccines under the COVAX initiative of WHO.

Daniel (@daniky) reminded us about an important aspect of our life that is often forgotten by us. We shouldn’t prioritize money over our lives and our loved ones. And to obtain the money we shouldn’t go down a filthy path. Check out and have this reminder.

Madushanka from Sri Lanka (@madushanka) has shared in this video that the #COVID19 situation in his place is improving bit by bit. The infection and death rates are decreasing gradually. He has also reminded us to carry out the duties and responsibilities given to us.

Jose (@jlufe) is very happy today. He is happy because he is getting the expected results for his efforts in the hive. With the money earned from here, he is able to meet the expense in his offline life. He doesn’t forget to show his gratitude to his supporters.

Do you hear first-time about this WeAreAlive tribe? No worries! I am going to talk about the tribe as well. Keep reading.
According to Tribaldex, the current price of ALIVE token is 0.04993989 hive and $0.0412601

WeAreAlive tribe: An active and promising tribe on Hive

Do you know that we have an active community (We Are Alive Tribe) or tribe (WeAreAlive) on the Hive blockchain, and it is easy to participate? You have to just tell the world that you are alive. Follow these easy steps mentioned in the following image and/or visit here

image credit goes to @flaxz

This tribe has its token known as ALIVE token. Meaning, by participating in the tribe (or community), besides $hive, you can earn ALIVE tokens as well in your Hive-engine (H-E) wallet. You can earn ALIVE tokens in the following ways:

  • As Author rewards: From your posts with #alive tag and quality & meaningful comments, upvoted by the community account and top ALIVE token holders.

  • As Curation reward: If you stake the ALIVE token in your H-E wallet, you can curate other members' posts/comments and earn ALIVE tokens. The reward is split 50-50 between the author and curator.

  • By Mining ALIVEM tokens: You can buy ALIVEM tokens in the H-E and stake. This mining token will give you ALIVE tokens. In this tribe, the price and availability of the mining token are kinda different. Currently, 1000 ALIVEM is in circulation and anyone can buy with 5 hives each. For the next 1000 ALIVEM, the price will double (10 hives) and it will keep doubling for every subsequent 1000 ALIVEM. So, if you want to buy the mining token, now is the time. About ALIVEM

  • By getting tips: You can get 0.1 ALIVE tokens as a tip for every meaningful comment in the community or tribe. The token holders can distribute the tips.

  • By taking part in the contest: The person behind the tribe/community is @flaxz. Currently, he is arranging a weekly contest where you can get ALIVE tokens if you stake your token in the H-E wallet. About the contest

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Hello dear friend @hafiz34 good day
Thank you very much for highlighting my post, you are very kind
What a great job you are doing in our community congratulations
I wish you a beautiful day, I hope you are enjoying your day off

You are welcome. I am just trying to help :) !ALIVE

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Thanks for the mention. I like the idea of this tribe, will hang around and see where things go from here. Much like life itself.

It is good to hear that. Hope that you will feel comfortable here. !ALIVE

Thanks !wine

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You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

This is quite an interesting contest
And such contests gives you the opportunity to express your happiness about being alive. I might as well join this contest

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Welcome. Hope that you will start posting here. !ALIVE

Hopefully i will be posting more here. I'm on an adventure discover communities here that will keep me engaged here

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Thanks for selecting these articles to share with everyone. This is a great way to support the community and get more exposure for our community members.


You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

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