This Is Awesome - Highlighting 5 Awesome Posts - May 13, 2022

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This Is Awesome

The goal of this project is to grow the Hive ecosystem by rewarding awesome content, and we do that by following curation trails that curates good content, much of it manually, and in the following categories.

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Highlighting 5 Awesome Posts

Here we are using the PeakD function of Curated Collections to highlight 5 posts that we have upvoted by following curation trails that upvotes good content.

We have selected the 5 posts from the 5 categories listed above, and 1 post from each category, make sure that you view this through PeakD or else it will only show links.
Here @angie08 completes her day 151 for the #IAmAliveChallence, and shares that she ate out by herself for the first time.
Here @rcaine makes a great video about his hunt for Larry The Postman.
Here @imfarhad shares his great progress on his Hive Goals and that he is on track for most of them.
Here @kingneptune makes over 10k steps and shares some really fantastic views from his day.
Here @botefarm writes a nice sports short story.

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This Is Awesome

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