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This is a collection of posts for myself and other newbies to help build and grow on the platform. It's quite difficult to learn about some things on your own as a newbie especially without a member. Through this collection of tutorials on various subjects, I hope users will find them useful in their hive journey.

Would it be right starting a collection of posts for newbies a guide without beginning from why to choose hive in the first place? I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did that. @ryzeonline in his post here,, talks about how Harry was convinced to join hive in about 5 minutes. He also talks about how to sign up and all the much needed things to know like hive dapps, resorurce credits, how to create a post, among others.

This is a part 2 to the complete beginner's guide by @ryzeonline. He talks about hive engagement, earnings, witnesses, among others.

This is post from @starstrings01 where he details the difference between quality contents and quality engagement and how to gain visibility on hive. He details why we should put in a lot of effort in our posts and engage with other users properly.

This is another tutorial by @starstrings01 on how to set a recovery account. With peakd you can set a recovery account which helps you to recover your account when it gets compromised.

And here’s another tutorial from @starstrings on plagiarism. I think we can all agree that whilst we’re being onboarded on hive, we are told and told again that the platform despises plagiarism. He explains why we should stay away from plagiarism and how to do it.

This one author, @ksam I recently discovered has turned out to be one of the hivers ai look up to personally. He tells us here how to earn on hive aside just posting and curation rewards . He advises we take part in community contests and utilize the 20% APR on hbd savings, among others.

@Ksam here again details on how to use Canva. The blockchain encourages we use our own pictures and the designing of our own thumbnails are encouraged instead of using pictures from the web. He does that with the help of 2speak.

Leofinance is a community us newbies tend to ignore. The use Leo threads is something @ksam has provided tutorials on. If commenting and engaging of long form contents is difficult for you, why not try the twitter interface of Leo finance and thread.

@erikah here in this posts talks about communities to newbies. She talks about where to post and how to decide on what community best suites you.

@erikah again provides a tutorial on cross posting on hive with peakd. She explains how it’s done and things to consider before doing it.

@gadrian explains how to use tags. Tagging is one thing that’s important and we should know how they’re properly done. He explains when to use what tag and why.

If you’re up to a month or maybe even half a month on hive, you’ve heard of hive power up day or hpud. @traciyork talks to us on what hpud is and it’s importance. There’s a lot to learn and earn here.

Not sure if this is entirely a tutorial but @bala41288 talks about the advantages of staking your Muterra. If you’re new it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved with games like Muterra. It’s rather a great chance to get involved early and stack up some

Witnesses are very important on the blockchain and @erikah talks about them here. This post is not for newbies a line but us all as she explains what witnesses do and how important they are.

Have you seen a post written and arranged so well that you’re attracted to it just by opening it alone? @carrieallen details on some markdowns and how to apply them.

@hivewatchers are responsible for finding offenders of the blockchain. In this post they talk about plagiarism, why people do it and how to avoid it. You should give this a read so to not have an encounter with them.

Are you struggling on how to use hive engine to buy and sell your tokens? Watch this guide from @ksam as he details how it is done.

I’m pretty sure if you’ve spent up to a month here, you’ve been tipped one way or the other. Find out what tipping and mining tokens are and how to use them from @ksam.

Are you a picture person? @projectmamabg tells us in this tutorial what liketu is and how to use it.

@apeminingclub shared a tutorial on how to earn the ape token daily.

Do you find it difficult to keep track of your progress on hive, give this a read from @erikah and get to discover some useful tools like hive buzz and hivestats.

Have you heard of the bro token? The bro token founded by raymondspeaks is one token on hive I like a lot. @themarkymark talks about what the brofi project is and how to obtain it. Like I said earlier, the second layer tokens is one aspect as newbies we can seek to invest in early. Don’t be all about making content.

@ura-soul gives a tutorial on how to join, post and upload videos and get paid on hive. There’s a lot to learn here.

We’re often confused as newbies on where to post our content. @acidyo in this write up talks about the revamp if you’d like of ocd and how it is more focussed in supporting other diverse communities. Give this post a read to discover communities under the incubation program ofocd.

Power up is a great way to build your account and @travelrox gives a tutorial on how to power up using peakd.

As newbies some of us are drawn into to hive because of the reward system. But once you get here and realize how managing hive is, you should learn about how and when to withdraw your earnings.

@glecerioberto explains well how can you achieve this.

One great feature about peakd is scheduling of posts. Take a walk with @riverflows as this user guides you on how to schedule your posts with peakd.

By now you’ve heard of hbd savings and the 20% APR. Read this post from @finguru as he shares his thoughts of it and discusses if it’s sustainable.

If you’re looking for 5 markdowns to make your work look more professional, read @doze’s post on 5 markdown tips to your hive blog.

Gifs I feel are underutilized on the blockchain. Visit this blog from @doze as you’re taken through how to create your hive gifs.

Ever heard of the hbd haircut? Certainly not me before now as I was on the lookout for tutorials and posts for this collection. @dalz in this blog details what the hive haircut rule is. Hbd circulating supplies and a lot more.

I’d like to end my entry to the contest organized by @hispapro. Here’s a link to the contest.

Thank you for allowing us to participate.



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Great compilations from you man, I really did enjoy the fact that you added video tutorials which they can easily watch and learn from them. I wish the best of luck in this contest. Good luck.