THE FUTURE : #queercoin weekly topic

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The word "Future" is broad.
I see it as something you will have to go into deep thoughts, and try and widen your imagination.
To others, it doesn't mean much, it's simply the grace to healthy and alive.
Yes, true.
No matter how you view the future and what your expectations points on, without being able to experience a little of it becomes a mystery.

How could you like your life to be in 10-20 years?

I believe my life could be a lot better, with reduced stress and more opportunities.
Generally, life is becoming difficult by the day.
It makes us stronger, it makes me know and believe I can survive no matter what life may bring.
And I wouldn't want to believe that my struggles will be in vain.
No, it will yield great results.
And presently I don't limit myself in things I know are of great benefits to me, neither will I do so in future.
In all things life still happens, we survive by God's saving grace and mercies.
So, I will really love my life in 10-20 years to be more better and advanced.
If I wish not to look too old, will that be too much to ask?
My life also should comprise of a beautiful home, one with the right man(husband) and lovely children that will yield to instructions.


How do you think the world could be?

The world is already changing.
People are becoming more knowledgeable, so brilliant and talented.
The percentage of evil deeds is on the increase too.
This can cause destruction.
I believe in the young mostly the youths, they are prone to bring a lovable change.
The young are acknowledged of recent, they are making good impacts in some aspect of life.
The opportunity given to them now will be greater in future.
Hopefully, they will put their vibrant minds in good use.
With the help of the experienced i.e the elderly.
They are now trained to depend solely on themselves in other to survive, they have known that being fragile and weak will definitely take your life.
The word "hustle" rings louder than ever.

I can't predict the future, so I end with this few views of mind.

This is my first time participating in #queercoin weekly topic contest.
With Topic of the week "Future".

Thanks for your attention and for reading through.
I really appreciate your opinion on my write up and votes.


Yep I agree with you, the new generations are making huge changes in this few years and I can't wait to see what else they come up with.

Thanks for participating in our contest ♥️

I am glad I did.

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