Disc Golf Day

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The other day I went to play disc golf with a buddy of mine. We went to a park near his house in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. Its almost a 2 hour drive for me from Toronto, Canada. Its was a great sunny day and good to play disc golf.

Mind you, the park is for everything. Only thing it didn't have was a pool area to swim. You never know if they put one in future. Here is what I saw in the enterance to the park. I think maybe military town?
Tillsonburg Park

But my highlight of the day was this drive. Which helped me with my birdie shot. Now you can't see where I shot from but it's just short of 300 yards. This is my shot of the day for and my buddy Paul. By the way, I am the light blue frisbee. And I tee off with a putter.

Birdie shot next

I have never heard of this term in disc golf they call it "mando". From what I understand "mando" is a shot where you have to follow a certain set of rules of direction of your shot. Only one pathway for you to do that shot. See if you understand how the "mando" works on this shot.

And here is my final tee drive of that day. It a pretty good one for a new player. LOL This is my second summer seriously playing disc golf.
Final Drive of the Day


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I never got a chance to play golf. And, I think I understand very little about this games. As you have mentioned frequently "disc golf", looks like there other kinds as well. I saw hitting small tennis balls with a bat. Do you need to hit "this disc" instead of "round ball" in the "disc golf"?

And, Nice to meet you, Nelson :)


Dear @cptsilva, you just got hugged.
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No my friend. you throw it like a frisbee. I post a video for you to watch. Its exactly like golf rules but no sticks and balls, jst throws and frisbees and chains. Have a look bro, wish I can throw like this guy: https://youtube.com/shorts/F8ZNXO0Dvjo?feature=share

I also do play golf with sticks. My grip is my own grip nobody else uses the grip I use with golf clubs. I call it the sledge hammer grip. Yes I worked in construction for 25+ years.

#fore #ctp

Oh, Now I get it. Thanks.


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Haven't played this game in 35 years! Probably old enough to enjoy it again like i did as a teenager.

wow disc golf is that old? I just learned about it like 4 years ago +/-. Awesome game i had this weekend.