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RE: Disc Golf Day

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I never got a chance to play golf. And, I think I understand very little about this games. As you have mentioned frequently "disc golf", looks like there other kinds as well. I saw hitting small tennis balls with a bat. Do you need to hit "this disc" instead of "round ball" in the "disc golf"?

And, Nice to meet you, Nelson :)



Dear @cptsilva, you just got hugged.
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No my friend. you throw it like a frisbee. I post a video for you to watch. Its exactly like golf rules but no sticks and balls, jst throws and frisbees and chains. Have a look bro, wish I can throw like this guy:

I also do play golf with sticks. My grip is my own grip nobody else uses the grip I use with golf clubs. I call it the sledge hammer grip. Yes I worked in construction for 25+ years.

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Oh, Now I get it. Thanks.


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