I am alive Challenge Day-4

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Today is Wednesday,
October 13, 2021
I am very happy that I was able to work at Milab Challenging.
Here we are able to upload the information of our daily life.


Bismillahir Rahman's Rahim All praise is due to Allah Ta'ala.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu how are you all I hope you are much better by the infinite mercy of the great Lord Almighty.

I am also very good in the infinite mercy of Alhamdulillah great Rabbul Alamin.

You all know I told you yesterday that my grandfather is a little sad.

However, I have been doing a lot of work since morning because today I have been fed for my grandfather by inviting everyone around the mosque together today.

Everyone has been fed together. I have been very busy since morning. There was a lot of work in the family so I could not attend.

Anyway, today has been a good day. Thank you to the great Rabbul Alamin who still keeps me alive.

Anyway, I request all of you to pray to the great Lord Almighty and give thanks to him.

That he still keeps you alive in this world. Didn't go anywhere today. Work was done at home. I see some pics of today's meal. I would love to share it with you. To the great Rabbul Alamin who made me.

All of you must express your gratitude to the great Lord Almighty and give thanks to the one who has kept you in this world. All these things are fleeting. Think of the lasting hereafter.



We all know that life is a struggle to live life but for that you will never forget your Hereafter because death is a thing that can come at any time I hope all of you will surely thank the great Lord Almighty And I will always try to follow the path shown by him. I always try to follow the path shown by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I can do something good to get out of here. I can give my family a support. I hope you are well today. I wish you good health. You must pray for me Assalamu Alaikum Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

I thanks to @flaxz for the initiative.
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