Content Creation Process .:. Hive Humpday Hangout Ep.26 (Wednesday, July 10, 4 PM UTC)

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After the longest Special Edition #HHHLive show 2 weeks ago, I was unable to run the show last week, so we had a short break... Unfortunately, @incublus wasn't able to do his show either on Friday, so we had a week without any live streams in the Ecency Discord! Summer is coming, and it looks like we will have these breaks more often than usual... So, when we are online, don't forget to use that opportunity to join and have fun with other Hivians!!!

This week, I was thinking of doing the show on the topic that @chocolatescorpi mentioned a month or so ago... I think she mentioned that in the chat on the show, and she wrote/said something like this...

I would like to discuss with everyone the processes and structures for finding time and creating content for people even have a structure..? Processes? Or just wing it?

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Sometimes, creating content doesn't go as easily as we would like... We were talking about writer's block at the beginning of the year, but let's dive even deeper than last time into this interesting topic... Not just what happens when we stay without ideas about what to write, but more about how to prevent that from happening...

Reaching a certain level of consistency takes time, and not just time, but a lot of discipline... What works for one person, doesn't work for another, but it could work for someone else... Because of that, let's try to share our content creation process and how to get there...

For me, it is a mix of multiple things... Firstly, I do have my daily to-do list, which helps me achieve consistency... They are like small daily "mini-goals", which are reachable, but still challenging... I have 8-10 daily tasks on my list, and in my head, I have split them for a whole day... Some of them are reserved for the morning, others for the afternoon, and the rest for evening and night...

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Secondly, my daily tasks aren't the same challenging, one is easier, without the need of brainstorming, while others need more time to be completed... Some people like to do the hardest tasks first and finish with easy ones, I like to do it in reverse, firstly easy, and the end, challenging the "main boss"... 😃

Regarding the creative process itself, I need to concentrate and focus on my writing/recording/streaming, which often means, an empty room, light music, and sometimes, a list of notes... Usually, I write these posts late at night, when I can have that atmosphere... Posts have a light beginning, flowing slowly into the issue/topic, researching it and trying to show multiple views, and in the end, trying to create a conclusion, leaving space for readers to comment and share their point of view...

How does your content creation process look? Do you have a specific time to do your post? Do you have notes, or create a structure before writing? I know that we shared before different ways to find inspiration and ideas for posts, but we can do it again and remind ourselves of those things... Come to the show and share your experience!

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How was it in the last show? Last time we had that "marathon show" where we discussed many topics... Just like creating, and building up the post, we did the same with that last show... Talked about easy topics, and slowly getting into (harder) Hive topics... All in all, it was a lot of fun! Don't forget to check out the Recap of HHHLive post...

For all the participants, there are some LEN tokens for attending the show, and some special rewards (in Ecency POINTS) for those who were the bravest and came on the voice during the show!!! Don't forget that NOBODY is obligated to talk in the show, so you CAN come to listen and engage with others in the text chat... 😉

What steps you should take now:

  1. Join Ecency Discord here
  2. Check out your local time for the event at the top of the Ecency DISCORD side menu
  3. Click on the chat-voice channel on Wednesday, 4:00 PM UTC (check your local time here)
  4. Follow the event-chat channel during the show and engage with others!
  5. Share the buzz about the show on Ecency Waves and InLeo threads using the tag #HHHLive and be rewarded with upvotes!

Or just click on this link to lead you directly to the Event announcement, where you can see all the info!

If you would like to discuss a certain topic in future shows, please let me know in the comment section... See you soon!!!

Thank you for your time,


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I just write what I feel. If something came up irl I will write it down in paper and write a blog here at Hive to share it to others. At the start of my journey here I will check pictures then reflect back on what had happened in the past. Slowly it's started catching up with my real life some things happening on a day to day basis that I cannot share of course we need to protect our privacy. If you put your heart and mind and write it down people will be interested on it IMHO. That's why the love letters of war our being auctioned at a high price because people feel what's in that letter.

Slowly it's started catching up with my real life some things happening on a day to day basis

I like to see my online and offline life "overlapping" as it means that I'm living the same life in "both worlds"... Some people think that HIVE is their "second life", trying to create a fake image, or pretend to be something that they aren't... Usually, that doesn't work... Also, it's easier to write about things where we have personal experience, without exposing ourselves... It is possible to do it, and usually, those posts "touch" others are they have similar experiences!

IMHO people created this fake image online because they want to be that image. Yes it is possible but very very difficult! I will leave a clue follow the rabbit hole 😄.

I think having a good mix of routine posts (e.g. weekly or monthly stuff) and random posts is a good way to overcome the writers' block on some days. That said, there is no obligation to write - sometimes I just take a break when I am feeling lazy. Lol!

Thanks for sharing your approach to content creation! It is true that nobody is forcing us to create content, but it's a nice feeling to share something and see that people appreciate it, learn something, or find it useful...

I take breaks too (like I did with this show 😃), but consistency has its perks, so I try to keep "the streak" in whatever I do... :)

See you in the show? :)

Am feeling tired today - so I will head to bed earlier tonight to get more rest. Apologies for that!

No worries! Maybe next time!!
Good night!

Good night to you too!

Will definitely try to attend next time! Please add me to the notification list ;-)

I have added you to the list for the next announcement post!

I'm working on recording from this show and I hope the post will be out today or the latest, tomorrow...

Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for all the work you put into it, and for adding me to the list! 😉🙏

I agree with you that content creation takes a lot of time to stay consistent, for me unusually love to write when everywhere is peaceful and calm, that means very late at night for me, if I have to think deeply, but if it's just sharing music and how my day went, well I could do it any time of the day, I noticed that daily writing helps to fight writer's block, your brain automatically knows it's ready for something, haha.

How can I join the hang out?

It looks like we are similar regarding having a "peaceful place for content creation", but even if I'm doing some "easy post", I need peace around... 😃

I noticed that daily writing helps to fight writer's block, your brain automatically knows it's ready for something, haha.

That's true! Even if I'm tired, or don't want to do it, my brain starts throwing ideas and puzzling the pieces into one blog... 😃

How can I join the hang out?

You have details on how to join in the post... Join the Ecency Discord (if you didn't), follow the steps and see you in less than 5 hours of the moment when I created this comment :)

I don't have any specific process, but I tend to just do what I can at night. I don't have much time during the day for things. I tend to use a format that I used in the past and used for most posts.

SImilar to you, I'm also doing most of my stuff during the night... Somehow, it's easier to focus and concentrate... and the results are also much better than trying to do it during the daylight...

I think writer's block depends on people. For me, I never hit writer's block ever. However even four months after losing someone, I found it difficult to create anything. Till today I still can't create as well as I used to

It definitely depends on people, on the "source" for writing, inspiration, motivation, engagement, or as in your example, some emotional state... I suppose that we can implement "tricks" on how to overcome it, but sometimes, nothing works...

Anyway, we will try to stick to the content creation process this time, as we already talked about writer's block before... Maybe the preparation process can help us to prevent writer's block... Can't wait to hear how people create posts! The process, preparation, inspiration...

It would be great to have you in the show! It's in 4 hours! Set your reminder! 🙂

Haaa what a great time for ChocolateScorpi to reappear! 🤣

And I would love to know what other people do- get some tips and tricks, then I could be more consistent even when I'm flatout in IRL...

I WANT to be more consistent, I WANT to be on Hive all day every day so all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Now I Should probably get back to work...🙄...

See you in a few hours!

Not sure that I understood your idea for the topic, but by reading the comments, it looks like others didn't either... Anyway, we will see in which direction the show will go... I will try to navigate it around the topic... 😃

See you in around 4 hours!

The same here mate, my activity on HIVE also decreases in summer 😉

More distractions (better weather), more free time for people in my surroundings, and less (working) time for me... lol... 😃

Tbh the creative process go away a little sometimes and i feel the content i made sometimes is the same blog feeling, just say what u feel when u feel it.

That's why it's important to change topics, or create different types of content... To make it more interesting to the audience, and to motivate yourself to do something new and continue with creating...

I experience writer’s block a lot and that is why I have chosen to start joining community contests because they will give us topics and that will give me an idea of what to write

Community contests are great for overcoming writer's block, but besides that, we shouldn't forget to create our "own posts" as they are important in creating our "image"...

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