What Do You Expect From Hive? .:. Hive Humpday Hangout Ep.24 (Wednesday, June 12, 4 PM UTC)

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After a great show last week where we hosted @detlev, a great turnout, and a nice number of recording viewings, it's time to do one of our "regular shows" where we discuss about HIVE (and non-Hive) things... In every announcement post and every re-cap post, I like to leave an open window for ideas for future shows... I read all comments, follow the chat during the show, and try to write down all those ideas in my TXT file/reminder/notebook...

One of those ideas is our next topic and it was suggested by @slothlydoesit a few months ago! I have no idea why I didn't bring up this topic before, but the good news is that it never gets old! The original quote with the idea was something like this:

what users actually expect from these tokens/platforms or if they just want the quick cashout for Hive.

In those moments, Slothly was working on a tribe frontend and token, so I suppose that the main question was about H-E tokens and tribe tokens... But, I would like to make it broader and ask you about your expectations from HIVE and crypto tokens in general (or if you want, for specific tokens too)!

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In some way, we can look at expectations as goals... If we have too high expectations of something, it can hit us hard if that doesn't happen... We can get disappointed, never try again, or quit... Usually, we have expectations from something where we take some action... It's nice when it hits our expectations...

On the other side, if we put low expectations on something, we can have a lack of motivation to put more effort into "making it happen"... But, when our expectations are met, that can give us a motivational boost! So, I suppose that the right "measure" is always somewhere in the middle...

But, there is a huge difference between goals and expectations! With goals, we should create them in a way that fulfilling them depends on our actions, effort, and work... While with expectations, we do take some action, and we create expectations based on that action... Very often, our expectations aren't directly connected to our actions and they depend on other variables too... We can (and should) do our part, but it can be a team effort, community, or even broader set of events/actions, etc...

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Expectations can be our friends, but also, they can also be our enemies... Our future actions can depend (and probably will) on us reaching (or not) our expectations... So, let's make a couple of questions for the show... To make it easier to start the discussion and talk...

  • Do you expect HIVE to reach a specific price (that you have in your head)? What would you do if that happened?

  • Do you expect to find friends or business partners here on HIVE? Is that expectation real and did that happen to someone on the chain?

  • Do you expect HIVE/crypto to be your passive income for the long term? Can they be your "early retirement tickets"?

  • Do you expect to build a network of friends on HIVE and have fun? Maybe you already have it... Share with others how you did it! 😃

And the most important question... Did you do your part of a "job" to make these expectations real?

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How was it in the last show? As I said at the beginning, it was great and different from our usual shows as we had a guest! Don't forget to check out the recording of the last one in the Recap of HHHLive post...

For all the participants, there are some LEN tokens for attending the show, and some special rewards (in Ecency POINTS) for those who were the bravest and came on the voice during the show!!! Don't forget that NOBODY is obligated to talk in the show, so you CAN come to listen and engage with others in the text chat... 😉

What steps you should take now:

  1. Join Ecency Discord here
  2. Check out your local time for the event at the top of the Ecency DISCORD side menu
  3. Click on the chat-voice channel on Wednesday, 4:00 PM UTC (check your local time 👆👆)
  4. Follow the event-chat channel during the show and engage with others!
  5. Share the buzz about the show on Ecency Waves and InLeo threads using the tag #HHHLive and be rewarded with upvotes!

Or just click on this link that will lead you directly to the Event announcement, where you can see all the info!

If you would like to discuss a certain topic in future shows, please let me know in the comment section... See you soon!!!

Thank you for your time,


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Episode 24 already! This will be a great show and I'll be there listening! ♥️

24 already + 5 special edition shows! Soon we will celebrate 1 year of doing these! I can't believe it either! 😃

See you soon!

Nice initiative!
Is there a way to listen back to previous episodes in a more public setting (3speak or Aureal), or is it purposely gated?

You have links at the end of this post... SE means "special edition" shows where we just hang out and talk whatever we want, but those are NOT recorded... (On purpose 🙂 to keep it exclusive for "action takers" and motivate others to join 😃)

All the others (23 regular shows for now) are recorded and you have (3speak) recordings inside those links...

Through time, a small group of cool people is gathered around and the atmosphere is usually great and fun... Check out some of the recordings to see how it was... ;)

I will return to attend this great event when the situation I face improves. And even though I can't attend this big event, I will listen carefully to the recording later ❤❤

I hope things will get better on your side! Also, I hope I will record the show, so you can check it out later...

Thank you my brother. Have a nice day 💪❤

I am looking at Hive more like a retirement crypto. I think Hive has potential and I continue to stack more Hive/HBD because of the development happening here. Also, I think Hive is a fun place to meet people and chat.

It's always great to do things that we like, and to have more reasons to do it! Exactly like you said, to build a retirement fund + have fun with other people, meeting new friends, etc.

I like this question. I expect to meet some of my life expenses from HIVE in the future.

That is a realistic expectation... I suppose you can already pay some of your life expenses?

Not really. I have never drawn neither Steem nor HIVE from my wallet yet in 6 years 😉

Unfortunately, I missed yesterday's #HHHlive and I'm eagerly waiting for the video (but I'm not too sorry, considering where I was yesterday 🙂, you'll see in a future post).
The topic was very interesting, as well as the questions you asked. I wasn't able to write earlier, so I'll leave my comment here now.

I don't have any set target for the price of the Hive, my wish is to have organic growth in the coming years and, depending on the possibility, to add some Hive from Fiat (but probably minimal).
That way, when I get a little stronger, I want to vote to help all new users, as the old ones helped me. this is a long term plan for me...
And my main idea is that, in addition to meeting some great people, I should work a little on my English, as well as leave a mark on BC (my thinking, interesting activities, places I've visited, beers I've drunk, food I've eaten ...) especially on platforms like Pinmapple, and now Worldmapin 😀

It was an interesting show with a small group of core HHHLive friends which gave it a special touch... 😃 You have the recording in my newest post...

And regarding your expectations, I suppose we have similar views... I don't have high (monetary) expectations from HIVE, but I have high expectations regarding meeting new people and having fun in online and offline meetups! :)

Greetings @ph1102 ,

So appreciate this informative, discussional-type show...it fills a void of the sort of elephant in the room queries that no one is talking about....looking forward to giving it a hearing.

It would be lovely if Hive Investments could be some sort of passive income in the future...time will tell.

Kind Regards,


We are not the same and it will be fun to hear what expectations others have... not just from HIVE, but also crypto in general... or some specific tokens?

Can't wait to hear others... :)


That's an interesting topic for sure, I'm a little sloth in seeing this post so looking forward to the video of the event. Give me a nudge when it's up and I'll have a look!

Recording is up and you can check it out here https://ecency.com/hive-189306/@ph1102/flsqnmucmu

We went a lot offtopic... lol... And people weren't too much into sharing thoughts about it... It looks like it was a bit hard thing to discuss... :)

Interesting topic! A little busy today, so I might have to give this a miss, but we will see how it goes!

Aww... It's a pity that you will not make it... I hope that the recording will work... ;)

Those are good questions, and I'm waiting for the recording :)
As for me, I tend to lean towards the third and fourth questions, actually more towards the fourth, because I am almost retired (end of the year). 😎

I would like to be "early retired" from crypto and working on that... Not sure it will happen, but there is a possibility... and that's enough for me to motivate me to work on it 😃

No-Yes-Yes-Yes. 😁 Tomorrow I can expand my answers. 🤣

Hahahaha... I was thinking about adding those questions, or just leaving it to the participant's imagination, as like this, people will stick to the questions... and not think out of the box... 😃

On the other side, if I didn't post the questions, nobody would talk in the show... hahaahaha...

See you tomorrow!

Do you expect HIVE to reach a specific price (that you have in your head)? What would you do if that happened?

Cryptocurrency prices always change. I just face the reality and not hope too much because the higher I hope, it'll be more pain if it doesn't reach that price. 😂

Do you expect to find friends or business partners here on HIVE? Is that expectation real and did that happen to someone on the chain?

Friends? maybe... Business partners... no? I'm more to get information and knowledge 👍.

Do you expect HIVE/crypto to be your passive income for the long term? Can they be your "early retirement tickets"?

Long-term? Yes. Early retirement tickets? I don't think so... Just because someone will be envious of that. So, I keep it secret for "retirement". I don't know what I'll do on retirement yet... 🤷‍♂️
Tho, it's kinda sus with "retirement" here. Some people retire from a company due to age and then start a small shop to fulfill their daily necessities. Does it also count as retirement? It's more like changing jobs in my viewpoint 🤔. Retirement is supposedly about not working anymore and having a good life, right?

Do you expect to build a network of friends on HIVE and have fun? Maybe you already have it... Share with others how you did it! 😃

Yes, I'm having fun with topics that I can talk about 🤣. Sometimes people around me don't have the same wavelength. So, it's hard to communicate with different wavelengths.

I'm just trying my best to fit into something in the HIVE community 🤗

Thanks for the elaborated comment... 😃
I put those questions just as an example, but you went deep in answering all of them... :)

Retirement is supposedly about not working anymore and having a good life, right?

I suppose that depends on the personal view... I would go with that definition... TO not work, to travel, and to have enough without having to work... Also, if you work, you do it because you like it and want to grow, and not that you NEED it... 😃

I wouldn't mind "working on HIVE" if I get early retired... :)

Also, if you work, you do it because you like it and want to grow, and not that you NEED it... 😃

🤔I see...

I try be ready for this my man 😋😆👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌☕🥐🧇 ... happy to be in live room all time.

Heheheeh... That is YOUR room... When we create events, we come to your place as guests... 😂

See you soon!

👀👀it is ? 🤔🤔 I did not know this

There are some questions I'd love to answer here, man. And of course I'm very curious to see how people will answer all these questions. I'll try to be at the show as early as possible tomorrow, maybe I'll do it on the road :P

Hehehehe... I wanted to listen to your show on the road, but believe it or not, the Internet on the streets is awful!
See you tomorrow!

Unfortunately I missed it man :/ Yeah I experienced it many times, it's so hard to use internet

I think people get 50% of what they dream of, with Hive. The only problem is that we've not gotten to where we need to be, but most people will tell you that they're building one thing or two.
The show is today right? What time west Africa time?

around 3.5 hours from now...

Wow what a great one.... For me personally I expect one thing... To see Hive get super huge just like Facebook and YouTube and to grow with the platform to hit that point of greatness....Incomes and finance success will come as an extra.. that's why I save a lot of not all that I claim💯❤️

Wow... I suppose that you are part of the "high expectations" team... :) It would be great to see Hive in that "company", but I'm not sure that it can go that far... Anyway, anything is possible, and Web3 is still in its infancy... ;)

I think you're right on that big brother, It's a fantasy of mine to think Hive would go that far... Well at least as long as it keeps growing big, that's fine for me and I'm grateful to be here.
I'm totally part of the high expectations team 😂😂😂💯

It’s always better to be in the middle by not expecting too high or low. Just like the price of Hive, some people predicted that the price gets to $1 but it didn’t get there and they were discouraged and stopped posting

I agree with you 100%... It's always about the good balance... To not burnout on one side, and to not get bored on the other side...