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Remember those cartoons, way back when you were a kid; where the hero (or idiot) found himself suddenly in a field eyeball to red eyed bull. Inevitably the hero is wearing something red, including his attitude. My children like Shaun the Sheep. There is an episode where the unsuspecting Sheep finds himself eyeball to red eyed bull with a massive and bad tempered bull. The fleeing Shaun barely escapes with his red underpants intact.

Because we bottle raise many of our young animals, we always hope we won't have anger issues with the males when the animal instinct kicks in. We are sometimes wrong. This was the case recently with our young bull who must've seen one of the young cows flashing a little red negligee.

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Dirt flying and spit spraying he attacked the fencing and gate to our solar panels. He proceeded to attack the panels with all the pent up fury of - well - a bull let lose in the proverbial china shop. FarmerBuckaroo and I sprinted to the rescue of our large solar system. We knew that if that rampaging bull damaged panels we would have big problems. Even worse: If he managed to rip the electric cable it would mean a rather expensive fireworks display - and a future in the dark ages.

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While I hurdled fences (keeping something between me and the flashing red eyes) FarmerBuckaroo revved up the tractor. It was game on!!!

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The cows joined the fun as if they were spring newborns. Passersby would've been entertained by the dust clouds of thundering heavy weights. However, for us in the field, it was rather a hair raising experience. We had to expel the bull from his expensive game and replace the wrecked gate without turning our backs on the frolicking cattle. Needless to say we lived to tell the tail .... ummm tale .... and the cows also survived their shenanigans.

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Never work with animals or kids they say but it is so much more interesting in life when you do 🤣 @buckaroobaby Have the best weekend 😎
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That was a lucky moment for the solar panel as well as the cows.
I can't imagine what expenses will come after that kind of attack

for us in the field, it was rather a hair raising experience

I know the situation, bull fighting costs life many times. Unfortunately, they roam in roads here and get wild taking life.

I just watched a clip with a raging bull trying to overturn a vehicle, unsuccessfully. I admired its determination and persistence and thought I should take a leaf from its book. I found your story rather funny because the outcome was good.
I love cows and horses, but I'm not trained to be around them, so I prefer to keep my distance. They are unpredictable and I'm not good at recognising their warnings, so I might just end up with a full attack when it's already late.
Great solar panels though, and I'm happy no damage was done :)

Oh wow! Good that you were there to see it and avert it. Imagine if you'd been elsewhere!

Imagine! Or rather not....

Wow! I am imagining the excitement!

You have got to be kidding. Your solar panels? I mean seriously? That is hitting you below the belt. It is always exciting dropping in on you to see what you have been up to. You certainly keep us entertained with real-life happenings on the homestead.

While I know it was a potential OMG moment, I am so glad you are able to smile a little about it now that it is over! You tell the best tails! Tales! For sure!

Hi, Traci! Hope you and Famer B have resettled the little bull elsewhere. :)

I am still laughing... LOL

seen one of the young cows flashing a little red negligee.

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