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Hello Splinterfans!

This week we have the new Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge with the ruleset Even Stevens.

This week we have another ruleset that mixes things up abit with only even mana'd monsters able to be chosen. Initially I am annoyed that I can't play all the cards I want from my deck, but now I quite like that things are mixed up and I can play different variations.

The good thing about even stevens is that you can also play 0 mana monsters, so they can help boost your line up.

Also, many of the monsters that I like to use can still be played, so this is also a bonus.

On to this week's battle.

My Team

This is a mid-mana battle with also earthquake ruleset, so there is a focus on flying monsters too.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
Kelya FrendulExtra speed and shield
BaakjiraHigh health and heal ability
Gargoya LionFlying ability
Ice PixieFlying ability
DeeplurkerPoison melee attack
Supply RunnerExtra speed ability
Xenith ArcherLow mana cost

My opponents

Summoner/ Monster
Vera Salacia
Gargoya Lion
Magi of Chaos
Rune Crafter
Supply Runner
Xenith Archer

The rules for the battle are:

Born AgainAll monsters have the rebirth ability.
EarthquakeAll non-flying monsters take 2 melee damage at the end of each round.
Even StevensOnly monsters with even Mana cost may be used.


Watch the Battle on Splinterlands

or youtube:

ROUND 1 & 2 - Gargoya Lion vs. Baakjira

What makes this match interesting is that not only will we see the even stevens ruleset in play, but also my opponent has opted for Vera Salacia as summoner who has the net ability for everyone to be able to catch and remove the flying ability from my monsters. I have been wondering if she is worth to buy or not for this fun ability instead of Brighton Bloom. Let's see

Round 1 starts with my opponent losing Xenith Archer to my Deeplurker. However, with the rebirth ability, she is back in action again still

In round 2, she dies again along with their Magi of Chaos, who is reborn again. However, I take a critical blow with Baakjira also dying.

ROUND 3 & 4

Round 3 starts off well for me with their Magi of Chaos dying and luckily also their Gargoya Lion. Sadly also my Baakjira for the 2nd time.

In round 4, they lose Gargoya Lion again for good plus Supply Runner and Rune Crafter both die for the first time. My team is still standing quite strong... for the moment.


By round 5, it is all over as the earthquake at the start of the round kills off my opponent for good. Two of my monsters also fall but are revived quickly and live on for another day.


The even stevens ruleset is a fun ruleset that can mix things up abit and allow you to play some fun combinations that you might now have played if you had your whole deck to choose from.

Combined with other rulesets like you saw here, it can really change the dynamics. As you saw, Baakjira, who is usually very strong, was finished off my Gargoya Lion. Lucky my strong Deeplurker attack could salvage the situation for me.

I am not convinced that Vera Salacia is strong enough for the earthquake ruleset either. It is better to just have a monster or 2 that can have the net ability to remove flying from your opponents monsters.

How do you play the even stevens ruleset?

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from jaymethunt / Pixabay
Screenshots and characters are taken from Splinterlands.

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Those odds and evens rules get me every time. I think I have a plan going in and then I am like oh dang, I can't play that card! It drives me crazy!

Yeah I am the same when I have a certain card in mind. Odds is much worse for me though lol

I have never really broken it down which one I use more. I feel like one of them cuts out all my Gladius cards in brawls...

I think its Odds, but now Im not sure again! lol

Nice gaming style

Thanks for checking it out

You are welcome brother

poor guy couldn't afford kelya o.o. I Was never a fan of vera even in flying ruleset x.x

Yeah, she doesn't seem to be useful at all! lol

ya that's why she's sitting at 80 cents per bcx :P but I guess people still value her over general sloan

You cant knock Sloan! lol

O.O are u trying to say something inappropriate

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