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Here come another week of battle challenge, and the weekly topic is SOUL STRANGLER. Soul Strangler is a card with obvious strength and weakness, low mana requirement, high attack but low HP. No further ado, let's start!





All healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners.


All Monsters have the Enrage ability.

MANA: 19




Thaddius Brood_lv2_gold.png

Thaddius Brood

This is a low mana match battle, IMO death splinter has pretty good options of low mana monsters. When playing in low mana match, most likely we will be facing low mana monster as well, which is also come with low HP, and Thaddius Brood -1 HP ability will turn them even lower. And -1 magic attack could also counter magic deck efficiently in case opponent use it.
Shadowy Presence_lv1.png

1st Position - Shadowy Presence

The best choice of low mana tanker in death splinter. Only require 1 mana but provided 4 HP, one of the most efficient tanker in low mana battle. Definitely buying enough time for back liner to attack.
Corpse Fiend_lv1.png

2nd Position - Carnage Titan

A monster with free mana cost, it's always good to fill up the empty position, you will never know what surprise could they provide, even it's just 1 Attack and 1 HP. Free tank for back liner to deal damage as well.
Venari Bonesmith_lv2_gold.png

3rd Position - Venari Bonesmith

In low mana cost battle, Venari Bonesmith with the ability LIFE LEECH make him a very good option to enter battle. The problem of low mana card is low HP, but LIFE LEECH has solve this problem. This ability is as good as heal, but could add up on MAX hp. While reaching the turn for Venari Bonesmith to go for tanker position, that's chances that he has already accumulated a considerable amount of HP if he is untouched from attack like SNIPE. In short, a monster that could deal damage and tank relatively good in low mana cost match.
Life Sapper_lv2_gold.png

4th Position - Life Sapper

Exactly the same reason why I had chosen Venari Bonesmith, for the ability of LIFE LEECH, playing the same attacker role and tanker if necessary. The reason he is place behind Venari Bonesmith is because he is having lower HP, always put the monster with higher HP in front to tank longer and buy time for the back lane.
Soul Strangler_lv1.png

5th Position - Soul Strangler

Protagonist of the week! I have 3 mana left, so I chosen Soul Strangler. Soul Strangler provide very good attack with the cost of 3. But he has very weak HP, so I put him in 5th position instead of last to avoid SNEAK attack.
Dark Astronomer_lv1.png

Last Position - Dark Astronomer

With the cost of 4, Dark Astronomer provided very good attack and HP. 4 HP is decent enough to tank SNEAK attack in the last position for a low mana cost battle.



My line up VS opponent line up





Did your strategy work?
What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my strategy did work very well this turn. Shadowy Presence and Carnage Titan did buy enough of time for Venari Bonesmith and Life Sapper to deal damage while absorbing HP, which offset the damage deal by opponent SNIPE and MAGIC REFLECT, which is they key they were able to stand in tanker position in the later stage of battle. Opponent did not make use of any monster with SNEAK and OPPORTUNITY attack, so both Soul Strangler and Dark Astronomer remain untouched and dealing attack while Venari Bonesmith and Life Sapper successfully take over the tanker role.

I'm quite satisfied with this line up, and due to low mana restriction that's not many thing I could try. Guess I couldn't ask since I already beaten opponent with higher average level line up.

Why or why not?

SOUL STRANGLER not really my favorite card, although it did provide decent attack, but it's too weak in HP, we can easily find better replacement in many scenario. Although it did come with decent attack, but this is a very situational card, I only use it when I'm restricted by mana.



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