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RE: Splinterlands - End of Season Wrap Up

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Mushroom Seer is very useful when fighting against Obsidian. Fungus Fiend with 0 mana cost, provides a distraction for the enemy and an additional life for the team. Earth Elemental with its high health is excellent back support, particularly from melee sneak attackers. Grund can be an alternative tank and works best in Melee Mayhem ruleset. Wood Nymph is my preferred healer in a low mana fight.


Thanks. I've rented all those you mentioned and it has helped my game loads! My weakness seems to be defending from 1)Magic attacks 2) Attacks with Pelacor Arbalest .

Pelacor Arbalest is really a very challenging summoner. I usually counter him using Quix the Devious. If matched with Naga Windmaster, Pelacor Arbalest's ability is almost useless.

Thanks man!

My pleasure my friend.


Do you mean that Pelacor Arbalest is a very challenging Monster (not a Summoner)? 🤔

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My mistake. At the time, I made a comment, I think I combined the ability of General Sloan with Pelacor Arbalest. 😆


Maybe you are referring to a possible future of the Pelacor Arbalest where it becomes promoted to a Summoner! 😆

Thanks for the !CTP! 😀

That is something the dev can consider. 😄


The Mother Khala Summoner looks like a Divine Healer Monster with just a smiling face and glowing staff. 😅

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Actually, Mother Khala is Wood Nymph's mother.


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The Grund Monster is easy to defeat by just using Mylor Crowling as your Summoner (especially in Battles with the Make It Personal Rule) and using Mycelic Infantry as your frontline Monster. 🤓

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I find Grund helpful in Melee fight particularly with a dragon summoner and matched with Carnage Titan.

The Grund's 3 Melee Damage and its Double Strike Ability do make it deal massive damage of 6 per turn, but is more vulnerable to the target Monster's Shield, Thorns, and Demoralize Abilities. 🤓

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So far, if I will rate Grund's performance the way I use it, I could say that out of 10 battles, it gave me 7 to 8 wins.


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The Grund (and other Monsters with the Double Strike Ability) is best to use when the opponent doesn't expect you to use that Monster for the particular Battle. 🤓

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