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RE: ¿Cómo delegar hp a la cuenta mv-curacion y ganar huesos en pasivo?

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Dear @nahueldare3627,
Your support for the current HiveSQL proposal (#138) is much appreciated but the proposal will expire soon!
May I ask you to review and support the new proposal so HiveSQL can stay free to use for the community?
You can support the new proposal (#247) on Peakd, Ecency, or using HiveSigner.

Thank you!


Gracias por pasar !MEME !HUESO !GIF SALUDO


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You have been given 10 TOKEN HUESO.
Learn about the Big Dog Bone Project read their White Paper here.
If you want to win Big Dog Bone Project Tokens, use the hashtags #hueso and #mundovirtual in your posts.
Support our voting trail here mv-curation
For every 10k of hueso in your wallet you can use 2 times a day the command !HUESO in the comments of the posts.

Credit: amakauz
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Thank you for your support @nahueldare3627, really appreciate it! 👍
Without imposing and as we are in a renewal period for proposals, if you could take a look at the HiveBuzz Proposal Renewal as well 😁