Weekend Firsts! - Dining at the newly opened Olive Garden in Mall of Asia

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I present to you, the MOA Eye as we locally call it, by the Mall of Asia's Bayside. This was just after sunset on my way back to my hotel, though primarily speaking I checked in at a nearby hotel for another event all-together, I just so coincidentally found out of 2 Olive Garden branches opening here in the Philippines. And despite this MOA branch having been opened for half a month now, there's still a surprising number of people waiting to be seated, though lucky for me being a solo adventurer, I got ushered in quick and made to dine by the bar area. (it was not relaxing watching the staff rush here and there to make their orders meet)

The fact I caught on to the name of Olive Garden is cuz of the memes I've encountered of their breadsticks, and despite them being the softer versions than the usual tough-as-sticks that are more common locally, I seem to have been played into thinking there was something divine about them (´∀`;). Though it was a relief to say that their Seafood Alfredo was to die for, or maybe that's just me being biased and loving my white-sauced pastas, the Zuppa Tuscana bowl of spicy Italian sausages, kale and potatoes also went well with my main dish so I didn't come close to even feeling disappointed with my Olive Garden experience-- especially as I was content in slowly chugging down my Blue Amalfi drink 🍹_(゚◇゚)ノ゙--and if that wasn't enough, I've still got room for dessert for their hella chunky strawberry cheesecake. (the strawberry sauce here was to die for!) (ᕥꔸᴗꔸ)ᕥ🍰

All in all, it was a good day to spend and come back to a cool and clean hotel room, Imma get full comfort from this queen bed if I'm gonna make it through all the walking I'm about to expect for another busy day to tomorrow's event.

Until next time, thank you for letting me share with the Liketu community, cheers! 🥂

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What lovely photos indeed! I miss the good ole days when we used to share these walkathons and adventures. That looks like a really nice room :) Ohh so good to be in an a/c room all day. !LOL if only someone would catsit the kitties for us :p


A man tried to sell me a coffin today.
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