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Hi beautiful world!
Hope life has been going good for you.
This is my #IAmAliveChallenge update that is happening all around me. In this video I have talked about the things taking covid-19 along with the way by which I keep myself safe from Corona infection. Last week of my vacation going on. Surely coming days will be more challenging. Till now I was safe from crowd but after being the part of system definitely I have to enter in crowd. Although vaccination list is ready from the department. With the very first day this process will be activated. I mean there is strict order not to issue salary without vaccination. Third web of endemic will be typical one before it I want to be sure for vaccination. Whole day it was raining here. Weather is very good but fail to go outside. Mostly I like to go outside each day so that I can keep myself physically fit and also can increase my immune system. Being so many problem in life , each day I strive for my life. Hope you all also doing good to keep yourself safe from this infection.

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It is very important to stay safe and take precautions if you must be around others. Hopefully vaccinations will be available in your area soon. Until then stay safe.

well my friend the advice I can give you is that after the vaccination you should take the same precaution until 21 days after the second dose, which is when the immune system is fully activated and yet only 95 percent safe against the virus, take care of yourself, stay alive.

Great to see you alive and well @certain, and big congratulations to your day 350 for IAAC, that is a big milestone, and thanks for sharing about vaccinations in your area, enjoy our day and stay safe, awesome and alive.

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Hello @certain, I am glad you are alive, in my country there is also uncertainty about vaccination, but we still have to take care of ourselves to stay alive and continue fighting for our well being and the well being of others.

I'm just feeling sorry for the confusing condition that covid-19 has left Indians in. It's very disturbing when I read the news and the number of deaths is something else.
I hope you're among the people that will be vaccinated?

Hello drearest friend @certain. Yes this is the more challenging days when we are living nowadys in ths society. In my living town's not imposed lockdown or curfew. So I went my office and then faced to little bit crowd. I felt some fear about the covid19 while my working because our janitor's husband was positive from corona. I could understand the situation about the India as well as vaccination progress. You will be ok very sooner. Be safe and stay alive.

Hello my friend its awesome... many wishes for completing he 300th participation.
The vaccination is the only way to counter the Covid19. I have taken my first shot month ago and now waiting for time to come for 2nd shot.
Stay safe dear.



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It is good to know that you are enlisted for the vaccination. Hope that you will get the jab without any further hassle. However,

there is strict order not to issue salary without vaccination.

for this, there will be some criticisms. It is kinda forcing someone to take the shot. Persuade someone, instead of forcing, to take the vaccine is the better option I think.

Stay safe and !ALIVE

@certain, congrats on your 350th post for #IAAC and Alive tribe.

Hoping that you are enjoying your vacation.

I understand your concerns about the current situation and how it will affect you.
Stay strong and keep taking precautions.

It is good to hear that vaccinations will be administered once you are back.

take care and stay safe

Hello @certain,
when you're going in crowds, remember to always wear you face mask, sanitize your hands frequently and try not to shake hands with other. I hope you'll be vaccinated soon.
In my country we are still in code purple (black). Purple is the highest risk-level here.

I'm also trying to go outside everyday for a walk, this is also good for my mental health.

stay safe

hello dear friend @certain good afternoon
I am very sorry for everything you are going through, I hope you will be vaccinated soon. keep calm dear friend. everything will be fine
have a beautiful afternoon

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