😴 Boring Day 😴

in GEMS2 months ago

Hello Hivians 😊

So, I had a really boring day at home today.
Staying at home isn't really fun sometimes.

My phone battery was low so I couldn't listen to music or watch some funny videos.
I felt relieved when my mom asked me to stay in her shop and help her out,it helped me get some fresh air.


After sometime I got exhausted from staying in the shop and I went into the house,I slept for a long time, didn't really have much chores to do today.

After I woke up,I was hungry so I took rice and cucumbers for my lunch, I read a story titled Mother's choice, after that I read my Bible.

I helped mom to make dinner in the evening, it was Okro soup and garri.
I look forward to going to church tomorrow,
I've arranged all my stuff and put them in place for tomorrow.


This was how I spent my day, how about you?