Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for February 12th

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Calamity In A Distant Time and Place | 4 February 2024, @mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2272 | Prompt: neverending hallway (pasillo interminable) by @justclickindiva


Is it a crime story? Is it a mystery? Or is it a sci-fi?
I don't know the answer, but I like it! It sounds like a perfect chapter in a "Twin Peaks"-like book or movie... 🙂

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Canarian beers 🇮🇨| #BeerSaturday [Eng][Esp] by @ninaeatshere


It looks like every next beer was better than the previous one... Hmmmm... Was it really like that, or you were getting more and more... "relaxed"... 😃

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Wow, you really are a great collector, and it shows by the good condition of this very old album. I'm a fan of albums today and I loved seeing this relic from the past, plus you wrote a great post, I wouldn't be surprised if you have others like this saved to share in the future. Great job 😉

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Welcome to the Land where Titans Reign! [ENG/GER] by @titansreign


It's nice to see a new game on Hive, especially one where things are sold once the game is playable.

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Not only I loved how well the song lyrics matched the idea of what you want to express about that special person, but also the special person is @maryed, and seeing her name highlighted in this special edition of Virtual Serenades of the Hive Open Mic makes me very excited, because she is an icon on the platform, and I don't think I've ever seen anything of her personal branding here. Thank you very much for this great entry dear Nancy, I always say you are one of the oldest in the community, so you had almost the duty to be here celebrating with us 🤣

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Hello @ourpick. I love your write up of my story. My short freewrite fiction is a combo of all three. Imagine waking up that morning to go to work. You step out into the rain without a care in the world, then end up in another century being accused of committing a horrible crime. I hope Malcolm can get back to this boring accounting job soon and haven't been tossed into infinity!

Congratulations to @ninaeatshere, @reyggv, @titansreign, and @nancybmp for your works being highlighted in this issue.

Take care everyone and have a good rest of your week.

Your story was amazing and I can't wait to read the continuation!
I hope Malcolm will get out of this trouble... :)

Keep creating these great stories!

Great selections of quality post's that stands out and makes difference.

Thanks for checking them out!

Thank you for mention us! We really appreciate that!

You are welcome! Keep building! It means a lot to the platform!

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