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RE: My Love Experience, before I go wild

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Nice one lover boy 😁😊
I don't think you will be able to recognise her,if you see her now.

Because she must have changed and maybe become more taller.

Interesting story dear.

Made in Canva


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I want to see her and asked her some questions, love is beautiful, please @jmis101 call me that name again, it doing me "Jeeeng Jeeeng Jeeeng inside my body" πŸ₯°
Thanks i appreciate.


Lover boy.....weldon oo

My body has started doing it again, it all goes like this, "Jeeeng Jeeeng Jeeeng" for inside, I love the way it doing me, thank you 😁😁😁

You are not serious.

You are welcome though

Thank you @jmis101 I appreciate

You are welcome