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Hey you buddies I have an amazing day and you guys as well
I took walk or you can say went jogging in morning and let me show you guys what is see and I live in under developed country we have very busy road we live like ants colony were space is not easy to find but I live in very open and good environment we have lots of playground and wide road







It's beautiful right!

And let's talk about market for a moment we had see bitcoin recover a bit from around 49000 to 52000or some things it is showing signs of breaking for top let hope for the best

To tell you all I am currently in 200$ loss reason I bought crypto when it was green and has hoping to hopefully make some money 💵 out of it but as you know market crashes within minutes and what worse I was sleeping because it was 3 am at my stander time

After market I started trading with my iOST coin I sell at high and buy a low that how I converted 3000 IOST to 7000 in just 3 days with peace of mind

You guys can also do this with little effort and determination to make money

Peace @aiovo


So your post is 99% about photography and walk and 1% about crypto. I'd be more careful with tags as what you do is not right.

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