Alive Chat August 8, 2021 - #AliveAndThriving: Share Your Hive Goals - And Progress From Last Week

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In Todays Alive Chat we encourage you to share your Hive Goals and what progress you have made since last week, tracking and sharing them gives you more focus and keeps you accountable to reach them, enjoy!

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Alive Chat August 8, 2021

This is the Alive Chat for today, come and hang out with the We Are Alive Tribe, get support and ask any question, and share news and ideas.

Meaningful comments will be upvoted with ALIVE Power to reward them with ALIVE tokens, has a 5k AP delegation from @aliveprojects.

Plus we have a task to engage with each day of the week, see schedule below.

ALIVE token earnings on the account will be used to fund our Alive Tipping bot on @youarealive, and what is not needed for that will be staked.

Earnings of liquid Hive will be used to buy ALIVE tokens on the market and used the same way as above.

#AliveAndThriving: Share Your Hive Goals - And Progress From Last Week

Tracking your Hive Goals and progress allows you to focus on what is important to succeed, and by sharing them you also hold yourself accountable to reach them.

So please share your Hive Goals and what progress you have made in the last week in the comments below.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Weekly Schedule

This is the weekly schedule for Alive Chat, and all is to help you be #AliveAndThriving.

  • Monday: Plan Your New Week
  • Tuesday: BRO and Brofi
  • Wednesday: Stake ALIVE
  • Thursday: Luke Is Alive
  • Friday: Share Your Friday
  • Saturday: Engagement grow your network
  • Sunday: Hive Goals Weekly

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The 4 Points Of The #IAmAliveChallenge

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The 4 Points Of #AliveAndThriving

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Thank You!

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Stay safe, awesome and alive.

Alive Chat

Written by @flaxz


Here is my Hive Goals, and I will write them as last week/this week so you can see the change.

First up is the tokens where I have a big stake, most other tokens are smaller stakes and not what I am too focused on right now.

  • Hive Power: 9080/9147, much of it is delegated out, however I have also undelegated a big part to be able to delegate to the winners in the Alive Engagement Contest, and my short term goal is to grow as fast as possible to 9.9k HP to fully cover all of that.
  • Alive Power: 53k/54k on @flaxz.alive, and also 2k/3k on @flaxz and 0.1k/1k on @flaxz.ctp, and my goal is to keep earning and buying ALIVE to support the tribe.
  • CTP Power: 79k/79k on @flaxz.ctp, of which 29k is currently delegated out, current goal is to stake if I can and keep my VP at 50k as a minimum.
  • SPORTS Power: 4.4 million/4.47 million, and of that 1.1 million is currently delegated out, and my short term goal is to grow it to 5 million with the staked part of the payouts that I am earning.

Secondly I have 2 tokens that are backed by Hive Power, and grows in value when that HP is increasing.

  • CTPSB: 20/20, and I do not have a specific goal for this more than to keep it and let it continue growing.
  • AWESOME: 54/54, and my goal is to buy more if I have any funds over to take advantage of the outstanding APR of over 500%.

Thirdly I have 4 dividends paying tokens that I keep buying with an equal share of HE earnings, and my goal is to keep compounding them as fast as I can.

  • DHEDGE: 344/355.4
  • UTOPIS: 15.6/16.2
  • BRO: 7/7.5
  • INDEX: 20.7/24.5

So that is my standing right now and what I am focused on.

My first goal for this account is to reach 250 HP, CTP, and ALIVE Power in each account. This is where I stand right now:

(+2 000.000 ALIVE) 0.045672 Almost 5%

150.869 CTP
(+10 000.000 CTP) 0.603476 Right around 60% of my CTP Power goal

6.987 HP
(1,002.084 HP) 0.027948 Almost 3% of my HP goal.

I know I can bump these up with more consistent content creation which is the plan. I have not been very consistent posting but I have done my best to stay active with at least engaging on other posts and commenting.

That is great goals Lisa, and nice to see that your are building this account too, and by the way do note that the Alive staking contest rewards on percentage increase, so the more you stake the first time the easier it will be to get a big prize.


Thanks, Erik! Appreciate the tip! Have a great day!😀🙏

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You too. 😍

Thanks Erik and Happy Wednesday! 😀

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You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

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You too Lisa. 😍

Thank you and Happy Wednesday, @youarealive!

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