I Am Alive - Day 97

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Every day we see different blogs here about 'we are alive'.

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We are all grateful to be alive and well and healthy. And that is wonderful.
Beautiful things begin at the point where you already show gratitude for what you have now.

But you are alive and then what? What do you do with the life you have been given? What do you do with the extra days you have been given here on earth? Are you making good use of them or are you just slacking off?

If you say you are grateful for this life, that is beautiful. But then also show the Universe that you are truly grateful by using your days on Earth well. Live, enjoy and stay far from bad deeds.
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Fantastic words Angie, we need to take action to be #AliveAndThriving, enjoy your day and stay !ALIVE

Thank you @flaxz.alive . Have a great day you too!🙏💚

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hello dear friend @angie08 good night
What a beautiful post, invites a great reflection, I appreciate that you shared these words
I wish you a beautiful afternoon

Thank you @jlufer . Have a great night you too.🙏💚