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I am grateful to be alive today and thank God for keeping me alive and safe.

Motivation is our desire to do something with our personal life, at work, in school, in sports, or in any hobbies. Having the motivation to do something can help us achieve our big goals and dreams, whatever they may be.

Knowing how to motivate ourself can help us accomplish anything we set our mind to, so let’s get to that.


I am grateful to be alive today and thank God for keeping me alive and safe. Thanks to @flaxz for the initiative of @iamalivechalleng.


Stay safe and have a wonderful day

Here are the 4 points to join and take part in the #IAmAliveChallenge



Made in Canvas

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day


How are you dear friend @ayisah good afternoon
You are right, self motivation is essential to achieve our goals. I appreciate you sharing these words
I wish you a beautiful afternoon

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