I Am Alive Challenge Post 35

Hello fellow #IAAC members! I am happy that I can again say that I am #ALIVE!


My Money Problems Are Over

So today I managed to talk to the right person who was able to help me with the budget issues I had been struggling with. It turns out I have just about as much money left as I thought I did. She was able to walk me through the spreadsheet her co-worker had shared with me. There were a couple of problems that I still need to get straightened out, but at least I'm not overbudget.

Participating In A Claimdrop

Are you a basketball fan? Dunksocial.io is a new tribe that has an on going claim drop going on. Get 500 #DUNK when you leave a comment on the claimdrop announcement page. I already got mine!

Stay Safe, Stay Awesome, and Stay Alive

See you all tomorrow!



Thanks for sharing the claimdrop! I appreciate all the eyes coming to the platform!

My Money Problems Are Over

Enjoy the happy ever after.

Thanks for sharing that claimdrop, I followed the intructions, and stay !ALIVE

You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Hello dear friend @captaincryptic good afternoon
That is good news, congratulations that you have been able to solve the problem, and be within your budget
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon