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Hello alive family!!
It's been a wonderful week for us.
Our token (ALIVE) is getting better. May be, we're having less quantity in circulation.
Yeah, speaking of that, I guess we had more in circulation last month. The price was really down enough for any vision-inclined investor.
I guess they took the opportunity to hold more from sellers.


About my day
Today was a great day for me.
I had people comparing my new look with how I used to be few years ago.
They were like "Daniel you've added some weights".
"You now look like a married man with two kids".
Those kept me wondering.
I had different kinds of thoughts. Both good and bad.
But what mattered at that point was how I addressed myself before them.
I was like "It's the Lord's doing".
Truly, I was amazed when people began to point out changes in my life.
Well, am alive to live the good life.
Thanks for stopping by.


how are you dear friend @ddn688 good afternoon
This is very good news dear friend, let's hope the bullish movement continues with this trend
have a beautiful afternoon

Yeah. The bulls have come to stay and that's final.
Thanks boss for stopping by

Wow, cool meal for the day. Thanks for posting this Thru PYPT, on @dreemport
Perhaps you are a #dreemer too?

Glad to hear you were able to share this meal with others!

I'm really happy to be part of the hangout. The outcome is good.

I don't know what you looked like before, but you're looking nice here! Very handsome! And that food certainly looks yummy! 😀

Oh my!!
Thanks. Am blushing right now.
The food is just what I needed as at that moment.
Thanks for visiting my post

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