Diaries of a Fluffy Rican: Alive and getting stronger by choosing to be grateful.


Some days are easier then others, yet the choice to enjoy them is still mine. If my furry friends can be happy just being alive, then why can't I.


I sometimes wonder, "What if animals do complain, but we just can't understand them.". Honestly I'm glad we can't. Though I think most people can barely afford enough attention for their own lives. So that's probably why animals don't complain. They know that few of us will listen.


I'm here in line at McDonald's again. It's my least favorite place to be, but I've decided to make the most of it.


Either way it was my choice to be here. Though I try to avoid being here, as I'm go doing door dash. It's part of the "fun". Oh well.


I just having keep reminding myself that I can choose. There's not much I can do when lame politics cause unnecessary crappy situations. That's life. All I can do is choose to be intentionally grateful for my blessings. Reminding myself to look for them among the weeds.


Luckily having good friends makes it easier to do this. They help bring out my creativity, and give me perspective. Though like a tough workout regimen, I'm starting to feel that the more I chose joy. The stronger I get.
Thank you for sharing with me.

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God bless. :)


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 74 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

We have to make the most of life everyone. It's always worth it.

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Hello dear friend @dreamingirwin good afternoon
Excellent post invites reflection: You say things very true. Life is a choice and it depends on us, we are the decisions we make

Lately I feel that life is trying to speed up my endurance process in this area lol.

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