Back to school in Venezuela - We Are Alive IAAC #124 - September 17, 2021

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Happy Friday and beginning of the weekend for everyone in the community, I hope you have a nice weekend, rest not everything is work, a sunny day in my town with a maximum of 28ºC.
Although most teachers agree with the return to the classroom in Venezuela, they consider that this should be done under strict biosecurity controls and reinstate students in a progressive manner.
The president of the Venezuelan Society of Infectious Diseases, Manuel Figuera, recommended that classroom classes be held in open spaces to minimize the risk of contagion.
"Classes should be held in well-ventilated spaces, where the air circulates widely and where there is sufficient distance between students. In addition, the mandatory use of masks at all times should be established," explained Figuera.
I think Figuera is very right, we must take great care of our children and young people in these times of pandemic.
I am alive, thank you for your support.

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Hello dear friend @edgerik good afternoon
This is good news to the extent that the security measures required to keep students safe from this condition
I appreciate that you let us know this news
I wish you a splendid weekend