Don't compete - We Are Alive IAAC #128 - September 21, 2021

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In today's society we are taught from childhood to compete. It seems that the important thing is to surpass the other. Competitiveness is present in many areas not only in sports, we compete to get a job, to get a promotion, to have more friends or to be among the best in the performance of any activity. Contests and competitions are continually created to find the best in some field.
But, for some time now, there have been studies that argue that collaboration obtains better results than competition, because a group of people working together and united can achieve greater goals.
Let's work together for the good of the Hive community, and thus make it great.
I am alive, thank you for your support.

I invite you to the community chat for any questions or suggestions, every day there is a topic for you to participate, we are waiting for you. We Are Alive Chat
Today's topic: BRO and Brofi
In today's Alive Chat we talk about the ALIVE token on Brofi, and how we do in the rankings, plus if you have not yet voted please do so, enjoy your Tuesday!




How are you dear friend @edgerik good afternoon
The message you send us today is excellent, it invites us to reflect. You say very certain things together as a team we can achieve more things, The union is the strength that is needed to grow.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

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