Having a purpose - We Are Alive IAAC #158 - October 22, 2021

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Happy Friday to everyone in the community, the weekend is coming, a sunny day in my town with a maximum of 29ºC.
Having a purposeful life translates into translating our desires into reality, we must learn to have responsibility in our actions, so we can live to the fullest, doing the things we really like, to achieve this we must feel satisfied with ourselves and this translates into productivity, enthusiasm and joy in our lives.
Something very important to feel that you have a purposeful life is not to commit yourself with what you will not be able to accomplish, commit yourself rather with what you are really going to do and execute, if you want to have a purposeful life, then you must have specific goals and objectives, to live with purpose it is necessary to have the ability to make valuable what is important in life in the present.
I am alive, committing myself to what I like to do in order to have a purposeful life.

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Hello dear friend @edgerik good afternoon
Excellent post dear friend, invites us to reflect
Without a doubt, having a purpose in life makes our days happier and the desire to achieve our goals grow.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

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