Keeping track of your expenses - We Are Alive IAAC #150 - October 13, 2021

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Hello everyone, this is my 150th post in the community, very happy with everyone for their support, a day with rain showers in my town and a maximum of 30º C.
Keeping a record of your expenses is an excellent option to save money, if you don't do it you may find that at the end of the month you don't know what you spent so much money on, mentally we can't keep track of what we spend because every day we use money, only when we start to write down, we realize all the movements we have, many of these expenses are small, but in the end they add up to a lot, if you want to save money keep track of it and you will see that it will yield you more.
I am alive, thanks for your support.

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Hello dear friend @edgerik good afternoon
Excellent advice, also write down the expenses make us see what we spend and if there are some of them that can be suppressed
I appreciate you bringing this up. have a nice afternoon