Refugees - We Are Alive IAAC #121 - September 14, 2021

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Venezuela has the second largest refugee rate in the world, only surpassed by Syria, the Venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis reaches the chilling figure of 6 million people according to the OAS. We know that Venezuelans are fleeing from hunger, from the health crisis that puts their lives at risk, from the horrendous insecurity that results in the violation of their basic human rights, they are millions of human beings escaping from the impacts derived from the economic collapse and from the burden produced by the broken public services apparatus that makes Venezuela a country without drinking water, without electricity, without gas and without decent transportation services. We have to reverse this, for a prosperous Venezuela.
I am alive, waiting for my country to take another course, thank you for your support.

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That is so sad that the living conditions are so bad in Venezuela and that so many feel they have to leave to survive. It is a pity that other countries do not assist the citizen of Venezuela with the basis needs.


how are you dear friend @edgerik good afternoon
This kind of thing saddens me a lot, I can't believe that there are people ruling and that their actions result in this.
I appreciate you sharing this information
stay safe and take good care of yourself dear friend

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