We Are Alive IAAC #179 - November 25, 2021 - On the regional elections in my country

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Happy Thursday to everyone in the community, a sunny day in my town and a maximum temperature of 25ºC.
In the elections held in Venezuela this past November 21, abstention and division of the opposition won, not understanding that without unity there is no possibility of defeating "Chavismo", is an absolute truth, the people are tired of unfulfilled promises by the opposition that raised the banners of cessation of usurpation, free and fair elections and transitional government, producing an abstention of over 60%, without unity there is no victory.
I am alive, hoping that someday we can get out of this dictatorial government.

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how are you dear friend @edgerik good afternoon
Let's hope that soon your people will get the unity to raise the government
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Thank you, stay !ALIVE

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