We Are Alive IAAC #221 - January 13, 2022 - Self-acceptance

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Happy day to everyone in the community, a cloudy day in my town with a temperature of 19ºC.
In these days of uncertainty, people suffer from self-acceptance, which is the virtue of loving yourself and accepting yourself as you are, regardless of your mistakes you may have or your faults, self-acceptance can help you in the sense that you love and accept yourself just as you are; which allows you to evaluate your positive and negative feelings and recognize the value you have as a person above what anyone else thinks, self-acceptance for you should mean more than just saying yes or no to the fundamental aspects of your behavior, it should serve as a guide to learn to renew yourself and sentimentally enrich others with your actions.
I am alive, thank you for your support.

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hello dear friend @edgerik good afternoon
The message that you send us today is excellent, invites us to reflect
I appreciate that you share these words
have a beautiful afternoon

Thank you and stay !ALIVE

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